Accused man's penis measured in New Zealand indecency trial

By Marty Melville

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Anyone else having Eden of the East thoughts?

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"In a highly unusual move, judge Peter Hobbs then allowed Scott's doctor to take the 72-year-old to the court's holding cells to measure his penis with a wooden ruler."

"Measured with a piece of wood - laughing myself to sleep tonight ..."


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Measured with a piece of wood - laughing myself to sleep tonight ...

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Was the honorable member inside or outside his clothes?

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"The accuser said the offending object pressing into her back could not have been a wallet, phone or insulin kit, and was in fact male genitalia...And, the trial continues." Haha!

I recall a news from Brazil, a couple of 70 years old was caught by custom officers in Miami, it was Viagra capsules and the newscaster couldn't stand to laugh. What a whole joke in this real world!

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This is ridiculous. A man's penis ranges in size from you can't even see it when it's retracted to huuuuge!

All depends on time of day, amount of sleep, what food has been eaten, how much stimulation is administered...

SuperLib and Ike-in-Tokyo-from-89 Har and har!

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“without legal president.”

Kabukilover: MUST you bring Trump into this?

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Is this article from the Onion? This is so absurd it cannot be a real court case.

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This so absurd that you wonder if this is not a joke. The most important question is whether anyone actually saw the exposed member. If someone did there would be no need for measurements.

Measuring a penis in a case like this is without legal president. Maybe lynch mobs measured their victims penises before murdering them.

This is case is whacky and funny. But remember comedy is about something that's no funny. False accusations are not funny. That the court had to get to such great lengths (excuse me) to pull out evidence (excuse me again) suggest that the accusation is without merit.

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This is nothing but “cock-shaming” of an upright gentleman.

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I still think it’s funny in middle-age.

New Zealand! Ha ha!

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Maybe he was just giving her a hard...time.

Sorry, I’ll show myself out.

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In the news only because there is the magic word 6 years olds laugh at when pronounced.

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If this happened in New Zealand, the offender was probably using this product:

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'Members of the court, all rise'.

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The guy explained that in fact he had a twelve inch penis, but he didn’t use it as a rule.

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Dear Lord, what is wrong with this world? Smh.

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If it stands up in court will he get a stiff sentence?

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I'm thinking rockets in pockets so I'd better stop.

By the way, isn't it difficult to measure a guy weenie as they may differ in size depending on the time of day and level of arousal?

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The woman said the object she felt touch her back was four to five inches (10-12 centimeters) long

I'm going to assume that she turned around and saw it. Unless she has eyes on her back.

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Not the first time a guy had his stuff measured for trial.

If I were the defense I would make damn sure that the woman who is accusing this guy be made to "prove" her point. Same clothes, similar situation, a function where she is not able to focus all her attention on where he supposedly rubbed up against her and so on and so forth.......

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