Accused rapist dragged from prison and killed by Indian mob


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Watch 'India's Daughter" on youtube before it's possibly taken down. It will leave you with a feeling of wanting to send money to this poor victim's family. It's about 1 hour long and when it's over you'll find yourself feeling saddened, disgusted and angry by what you see and hear.

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Bad news day for people from Bangladesh!

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I always like to see the peoples justice in action

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But there is no outrage when the local men rape the local women and foreign tourists in India.

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These type of actions are driven by media hip or rumor and not by fact, participants will only have to answer to GOD for there actions in this case.

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What if the man was innocent?

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Accused rapist dragged from prison and killed by Indian mob

Accused, Accused and accused........

If the accused had lived in the Western civilized nation he would have had his chance at a fair trial. But, sadly for him he did not and now he is dead and the truth will never be heard.....

Sorry, if you take offense to what I have posted, but the truth is sometimes harder to take in than the spin......

Who knows, maybe the folks who were behind the crime were behind the folks who orchestrated the lynch mob. No better way to hid your crime than if you can get a lot of people behind you and pin it on someone else!....

Lynch mobs are great ways to hide real atrocities!

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The people who has lost all hopes over the justice and legal system anymore. They took law in their own hands.

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So are are all these people going to be arrested for murder, breaking into a prison, and possibly assaulting security officers? ...nevermind, I know the answer.

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India's track record on rape is appalling, but mob "justice" isn't exactly an improvement. As sickened as I am by the recent crimes against women, this is not the answer. I don't know anything about the victim in this lynching - whether he was guilty or innocent - but it's painfully clear that immigrants, ethnic minorities, and the like are most vulnerable to this sort of vigilantism. We have a court system for a reason: to make sure that the guilty, and not the innocent, are punished. Due process is a fundamental part of justice.

Watch 'India's Daughter" on youtube before it's possibly taken down.

Yes, please do:

I respect the need for advocates for the accused (see above), but these defense "lawyers" are disgusting. Not a single legal argument put forth... but an endorsement for honor killings? That's the sort of thing that should get you disbarred.

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