Indonesia's Aceh region bans unmarried couples at same table in cafes


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At current rates of growth, Islam will be the majority religion in a few generations. Because of their strict family oriented culture, they have more children and at a younger age. For example, they often marry at 20 and have 3 kids or more, whereas in the west it's marriage after 30 and maybe one kid.

So after 60 years, the Muslim family is already on it's 3rd generation, while the the Western one is just on its second.

Western culture is dying out, and in the long term history of the world, it will be recorded as but a blip, like the dying days of the Roman empire.

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Sharia Law will spread as Indonesia becomes even more conservative.

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One more place to not visit.

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Stop making people’s lives miserable.

If you want to live according backward values, do it. Just keep it to yourself.

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This is real dark ages stuff...backwards to say the least..

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There's a place I won't be visiting.

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It’s always about oil and gas. This region is rife with colonial history by the Dutch and later the US. Let them have their freedom. If they want to put more control over the population have add it.

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And subjects non-Muslims to the region's strict interpretation of Shariah law.

Including foreigners (expats, tourists etc)?

People convicted of adultery, gambling and consuming alcohol already face caning, 

Bender Aceh it isn't.

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The imposition of backward ideas is all about oil and gas?

Malaysia recently caned two lesbians. Was that all about oil and gas?

Don’t you think religious ideas play a role?

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"Unmarried males and females who are not close relatives should not eat and drink at the same table, because it is sinful according to Shariah law,"

Indonesians should rise up and say "Screw Shariah law!"

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Burning Bush. Most Muslims live in the countryside in developing countries, girls, marriage at as young as 12 years old and men marriage at 19 years old. Also, men can have multiple wives. The average monogamous family has 7 or more children and polygamy family have 15 or more children. Also, the Muslims believe in only Islam religion must be world's religion and their Imams' encourage them to have more children and four wives even in countries like Australia. Polygamy is not permitted in Australia.

In Australia, the average Muslim family has 6 or more children compare to non-Muslim family has 1 or 2 children.

Also, the Christian woman and non-Muslim woman who has married to Muslim man must convert to Islam religion before they marry. So I am not surprised the Muslim population growth is faster than other faith followers. Also, the Islamic Countries prohibit its citizens' converting to another faith and ban practicing other religions in their countries.

Also, Most of the Muslim peoples are living in poor third world country and they need assistance from the non-Muslim developed countries like the EU, Canada, Australia and the United State. The Muslim countries are over populated and poor.

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