Activists say death toll in Syria now tops 100,000


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Seems like a perfect time to flood the country with arms.

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Why are the western powers arming Muslim extremists? Is it to foment chaotic situation as there is in Iraq to gain control of the Middle East country by country?

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As I predicted, the numbers will top Iraq sooner rather than later. And if Assad stays it will all be for nothing with no democratic reforms at all, and then the purge will start.

There is a cost to not getting involved. Let's ignore it.

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"There is a cost to not getting involved. Let's ignore it."

With all due respect I still don't accept comparing the body count caused by American intervention in Iraq between the internal uprising against Assad.

That said, it seems pretty clear people in that part of the world can be pretty hellbent on killing each other depending on which hand mohamed used to wipe his backside...

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U.S. should do a Gadaffi to this Assad fellow.

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Madverts, should we go for round 3,651? Heh

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Heh, well we probably could make some decent, heated arguments like way back - but I'm judging by your own quite understandable level of sarcasm that your patience and sympathy with Arabs slaughtering Arabs is around about the same as my own...

I trust you're well be they way, long time no speak :)

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