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Pro-asylum seeker activists superglue hands in Australian parliament protest


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We'll just glue our hands on this bar with this superglue. That'll show 'em. Wait. What?

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Virtue signallers.

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What were they thinking....

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And then one had to go to the bathroom.

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And another had an itchy back.

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SJW's , the not so wise kind.

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Interesting how people here mock these brave activists who are protesting the brutal treatment of asylum seekers.

I bet if it was activists protesting Japan's immigration policies these same people would be cheering them on.

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"I bet if it was activists protesting Japan's immigration policies these same people would be cheering them on."

If one in four Japanese citizens were immigrants, as in Australia, "the same people" would be cheering on any effort, including stringent ones, by Japanese authorities to prevent the deaths of people trying to arrive on rickety boats.

False equivalency: the leftist debater's best friend.

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A better way would have been for Parliament to take a couple of days break, or meet in a park somewhere for a couple of days, and let the protestors figure their own way out of it.

House security keeping an eye and enjoying pizza and banter in the background, etc.

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They were eventually pulled from the chamber, some forcibly.


Some super glued their hands to the public viewing gallery railings as security tried to remove them, with guards using hand sanitizer to help peel them free, television images showed.

Try using nail polish remover, I bet it works better

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JeffLee, exactly.

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