Actor Brad Pitt hit in the face at movie premiere


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Pitt hit.

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Lucky he didn't have a saw like the AKB loony.

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Another nut case; there is a never ending supply.

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There have been many cases where members of the public, when seeing an actor or actress on the street, be nasty, rude or even aggressive toward them. The reason being, get this: The characters they play in movies or on TV are villains and unpleasant people, and these morons believe they are actually bad people in real life. Sure they can distinguish somewhat between fiction and real life, they do not actually believe that Loki, for instance, is from outer space and has super powers, they just believe he is a bad guy all around. Facts are sometimes stranger than fiction.

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It was not just some guy. It was Vitalii Sediuk and he has a history of things like this. Hopefully they will put him away for a long time this time. He belongs in an institution.

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Apparently it was a Ukrainian reporter who is quite well known for pulling stupid stunts at these kinds of events. He kissed Will Smith a few years ago! But hitting would seem to be taking it to another level of unacceptable behavior. What an idiot.

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So what! World news?

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The face! Please not the FACE!

Seriously, the insanity of some folks... usually because either they're not diagnosed or just stopped taking their meds.

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