Ad featuring Angelina Jolie ordered off British TV


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England has always been hostile towards firearm ownership. When the wealthy and the government do not trust the citizens, then the people can't trust their leaders. It is no wonder the English went from leading a fourth of the World to now barely controlling Britain and a couple of islands, like Jamaica.

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Say What??

That is utter twaddle. Guns are not wanted in the UK because they serve no other purpose than to increase murder rates. Look at the stats for any developed nation in the world and you will see a direct correlation between gun ownership and mortality rates.

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Uhh. Its an action movie, but they can't show guns in the ad because it “could be seen to condone violence by glorifying or glamorizing the use of guns.” If the Brits are that prone to suggestion, I'd hate to see what happens when the go and see the actual movie!

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bebert - England controls Jamaica? Wow! Where are you getting this stuff from? The problem here with this ad (despite the fact that the ladies gun-toting movies are ok) is that Britain has a horrible problem with teen killing other teens for the slightest provocation.

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