Yemeni rebels say Saudi-led airstrike on prison killed 70


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When ***** can't reach infidels to kill, they aim at apostates. Sunni and Shia have been killing each other since the religion was invented. This isn't new.

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Given that about the only people in Yemen who regard the 'Houthi rebels' (who're actually a coalition of all the ethnicities, most of the 'tribes', and holds the loyalty of all but a small segment of the old regime's military) as something other than the government of Yemen are literally being paid to hold that opinion, using that description is as dishonest as calling Biden the 'disputed President of the US'.

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Saudi getting away with war crimes and genocide.

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Yemen is a genocide in slow motion.

And The Saudis are being allowed to get away with it.


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More blood on Biden who broke his promise to get accountability from the despotic Saudi rulers and justice for the murdered Khashoggi. On a far bigger canvas of criminality the egregious war crimes of the Saudi coalition over Yemen and the hunger and suffering of millions are the stinking "camel in the room" of Biden's Oval Office where "the buck" is nowhere to be found.

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Sooo; it's the same old story, just a different city. Now Abu Dhabi is attacked...and WHO last threatened the U.A.E. ?; yup, you guessed it, Iran.

Expect more of the same.

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This is an interesting if abbreviated account of who the Houthis are and how they and the Saudi alliance arrived at the current situation.

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The wild air strikes by Saudi-US against Houthis killed other innocent Yemenis too.

The bottom line is US has been aiming to stop Iran's influence over Yemen, making Houthis (old and young) the victims of the obnoxious and incessant conflict..

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A terrible incident, no two ways about it.

What puzzles me and no media have addressed it, is the elephant in the room. What possible purpose would striking a prison serve? Full of the enemy of your enemy, or full of people who are a burden on your enemy. If it was a mistake, then maybe I can understand the logic of it.

If deliberate, then I would have to consider that it was not a Saudi airstrike, but something else entirely.

Absolutely correct for the UN to call this out.

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Unless the Houthis were using the prison for some reason, e.g. the yard to launch missiles, etc., for example. (?)

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What puzzles me and no media have addressed it, is the elephant in the room. What possible purpose would striking a prison serve?

The intel behind that strike will probably never be released. If that intel was released it would probably endanger deeply imbedded assets feeding vital information to the Saudi coalition. One thing to know when dealing with groups like the Houthis, Al Qaeda, Daesh or Hezbollah, all is not what it first appears on the outside.

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