Afghan future threatened by ex-warlords in gov't


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All those surprised by the way Afghanistan is heading, raise your hands.

The opening couple of paragraphs are particularly telling. You don't call on warlords to oust the ruling power and then expect said warlords to step down once the person you WANT to be in power is. Again, the first two paragraphs are poignant reminders of how and where this kind of thing ended in the past, and it's pretty clear that once again we've all failed to learn from history -- some, ahem, more than others.

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There will be new warlords after you removal of those ex-warlords and that created a new problem! Afghanistan shall never recover from wars because entire generations were grown up from wars! Kazari was the real problem he was corrupted and pointless..why he was in charge for eight years because he was a rubber stamp of US!

The faults was Carter,Brezenski,Regan,Bush funding those fundamental islamic extremist from the begining to covert the soviets and rooted today's bitter fruit !

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The islamic fanatics love killings it was good to find a place specialy reserved for them and lock them up killing each other, that will made the world safer!

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and all the W.A.R loards are reading the same book of P.E.A.C.E!

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