Afghan govt imposes night curfew to stem Taliban advance

By Jay Deshmukh and Mushtaq Mojaddidi

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Out of the country or offshore American military planes attacked Taliban sites.

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Our 8th grade history books claimed that the US left SE Asia in 1973 but that was bull. The US kept up air and sea attacks on vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, eastern Thailand until May 1975. That was the true end of the Vietnam War.

And if we keep on with the air strikes, this 'Vietnam' won't truly be over for the US either.

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The night curfew will not change anything. The Taliban will take power, and Western goverments should be ashamed for their bloody, wasteful, and illegal misadventure over the past 20 years.

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Longwarjournal gives a real time update on territories controlled by Taliban.

Taliban controls most of rural Afghanistan today but not one of the provincial capital cities which mirrors the fact that they draw their support from rural Pashtuns but most of the urban populace is opposed to them. But it seems to be just a matter of time before most of the cities also fall.

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This is karma! Once you screw-up the Soviets in Afghanistan of 80s, you screwed yourself !

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20 wasted years. And for what? It'll back to square one.

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Nothing will change...This is these guys work and hobby.

No such think as try to work, set up some kind of manufacturing business. Just take over and set around and harass the locals.

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