Afghan NGO women threatened with shooting for not wearing burqa


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It's the end of civilization in that country. Sharia law (and to some extent Islam) is the return to the dark ages.

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Forget all the “we’ve changed for the better” crap coming from these medievalists. They’re just the same old fundamentalist thugs they’ve always been.

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Sharia law (and to some extent Islam) is the return to the dark ages.

The Muslim world thrived during the dark ages.

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For the Taliban, every unsolvable problem for them is solved by shooting someone...yeah, seems like the most logical solution...progress, don't comply, you die...smh...

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Who didn't see this coming?

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How else can one expect to coax forward the sexual element of ankles to bare itself nude if not against the backdrop of a burqa?

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The people of Afghanistan fell themselves, they were not a state or territories in which the US had an obligation to take care of

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First, get yer heads out of yer azzes and act like a Civilized Society.

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I guess in their minds it’s better to shoot a woman then it is to have one of them entice an angel…

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Bush 43, Obama, Trump, Biden and every member of congress regardless of party, who approved in any way of the US invasion, along with those in big defense and other industries making weapons and profiting from the invasion of Afghanistan, plus all individuals holding shares in those industries should be held responsible for the ongoing problems there. The Taliban, financed by big oil states would have taken control with or without the invasion. The US economy needs to stop being so dependent on starting wars and selling weapons . And the US like many other nations needs to use resources found within its own boundaries.

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I've given quite a bit to humanitarian causes all my life, but I draw the line with Afghanistan - the revolution is coming here, and it's going to be driven by women and girls, for the simple reason that they will have their revenge on the vile, sadistic, medieval Taliban eventually, all of which I wish their immediate and total demise. This karma can not happen soon enough.

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If it's true, then well done America. Twenty years down the drain. Meanwhile, let's stir up more trouble and pump more money into destroying other countries via weapon contractors and the rich elite tied to lobbyists.

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The Muslim world thrived during the dark ages.

And haven't thrived since. They're stuck in the Middle Ages.

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Progress is the most logical solution to every countries’ problems, not conservativism.

That depends on what kind of conservatism that we are talking about and in the Islamic sense, it's bad, in the Western since of being independent, self-reliant and empowerment, it is good.

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Taliban 2.0. So, this behavior is an example as to how women’s rights, minorities rights, have evolved?

These toxic Islamic fundamentalists wedded to a medieval, totalitarian, ideology will never refrain from their brutality towards women.

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Too bad that’s not Western conservativism your talking about. 

No, because we are talking about the ideology of Western culture and values as it pertains to the Taliban and they are not honoring implementing or trying to utilize it in any form or capacity.

Independent, until you scream for government subsidies to support your failing economic endeavors. Self-reliant until you scream for government subsidizes like Abbot in a Texas. Empowerment by restricting the vote and women’s access to healthcare.

You're kinda going off a tangent again, but in the Western since where you have the taxpayer funding the Federal government to subsidize millions of able-bodied citizens is immoral and to encourage more government dependency instead of better education, strong family values, work ethics is the true backbone to being successful and less reliant on the government.

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You forgot to mention Carter, who orchestrated the overthrow of the popular, Western-style, secular government and the rise of the Pashtun militants.

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Nice pivot away from trying to defend weather conservativism.

No pivoting, just the truth.

Why would you expect the Taliban to embrace western culture?

I don’t. So their form of religious Islamist conservatism has nothing to do with the west or modern westernized conservatism.

This is hilarious given the millions and millions of conservatives receiving welfare from blue states.

There is a difference getting limited aid over continuous aid that blue States shower people as well as non-citizens with cradle to grave entitlements which doesn’t help but hurt and hinders the poor always.

Not to mention all the government subsidizes you want for conservative businesses that can’t hack it in the market you claim to love.

That’s why millions pay it back as good citizens do because of the hate on government dependency, there you go.

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Did you think this WASN'T going to happen ?; REALLY ?

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Taliban may kill a woman here or there but the US & its NATO allies killed, wounded, disbursed millions of Afghan people & increased opium plantations more than 40 folds during 20 years of occupation. Unfortunately most people see only the burqa issue imposed by Taliban but offer a blind eye US crimes against those poor people.

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The Taliban like other authoritarian regimes are anti-democracy and anti-progress, they want a return to some mythical past when things according to them were great. Authoritarian regimes are repressive and reactionary, and will use whatever force they can to resist progressive movements to keep ‘others’ including women stuck in the past.

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