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Afghan President Karzai says he'll back Pakistan if U.S. attacks it


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Karzai sure likes to kiss ass. If it's not the U.S.'s, it's Pakistan's.

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I'm sure the US is shaking with this statement. How big of a rock and how high can you throw it when an F15 comes at your sorry ass?

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Karzai, a dog shouldn't bite the hand that feeds it.

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He can be "free" when his country is now relying on handouts from other countries. Same as Pakistan. I have no idea with them supporting whomever when they are supporting the country. I think we need to get our butts out of there and let the country go to civil war. Been a long time coming.

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Unreal. What an idiotic thing to even speculate about, much less comment on. Guy needs to focus on his own country's problems -- like the fact that their biggest cash crop is opium -- and not be evoting any time at all to such nonsense.

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Probably true. There is an emotional bond between the two countries that Pakistan should well remember. Most Afghanis have relatives in Pakistan and see it as a safe haven if and when the Taliban come over in force. So far Afghanistan has been the weaker younger brother to Pakistan. A statement like this from Karzai will mean something to Pakistan and could well be a building block for a more solid peace between them in the future. A clever political move. America is only peripheral concerning this vital relationship between two neighbors, and should be wise enough to silently understand what he is saying.

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This man is an jerk. Your reg Afangni doesn't trust him as far as they can throw him. He is more than corrupt and has a very nasty streak towards him. Why on earth we continue to give him support and look the other way is pathetic. Get out of the country and let them sort it out. Will it lead to civil war? Indeed but sometimes you need to fold and know when to get out. In this case, we never should have gone in in the first place. Let the people deal with him. He's be dead soon enough.

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its a little late for that. gadhafi gone now. besides we Helped afghnistan, so much for appreciation.

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What is this with this Karzai character?

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Good luck with that, Karzai. If the ISS doesn't get you maybe the CIA will? As far as Obama goes, he has increased the use of drone missile attacks in Pakistan and did sanction the bin Laden mission, so I'd say he's done a fair job of protecting Karzai and prosecuting the war against the Taliban.

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Slow news day....

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Well I don't know whether anyone in Afghanistan respects Obama, but Bin Laden did for a brief instant. And putting a team of commandos completely undetected, unmolested, right in the centre of Pakistan's military community and getting them out without losing a man or starting a new war with a country in possession of nuclear weapons, that was an operation for the history books. No president since Carter had tried anything similar and Carter's team, though they were all good men, unfortunately met disaster.

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Shows the US and NATO should pull out of that cesspool as soon as possible. How much treasure and lives have been lost there and for nothing? When something is not real, it is best just to let it disappear.

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Karzai is a Yankee, He is Just to Fool Pakistan...and make happy its War loads.

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If one day The last American leaves Afghanistan , Karzai also has to leave with them abandoning power.

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"Slow news day"


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I am sure this Karzai guy was just trying to be funny, bet he watches David Letterman on NBC all the time and was thinking to himself, how can I make my great American amigos in the USA get a real good old laugh. Bet Mr.Letterman will use it on his TOP 10 list.

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Bah! When the US says they won't support Karzai he'll cry and say he supports the US. Either way, I can't understand what the problem is... didn't gwb declare Pakistan an ally in the war on terror? and isn't Afghanistan free to do what it wants?

HAHAHAHAHA.... oh my, how I laugh at sarge and the posters who had had to change their names before this came about.

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I guess some people don't like his freedom of choice. He is free now, but only to choose America first I guess. The Russians also swore they were there to help and free the people of Afghanistan.

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Neither nation fears or respects America.

There, I fixed that for you.

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Do you know what that mean?

it means for the US to stay away from other countries affairs.

stop playing the world cop, no one like you!

everyone can see true your so cold democracy!!

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Neither nation fears or respects America as long as Obama is Commander in Chief.

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