Afghan president says airstrike killed civilians


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Kazari was pro-Taliban,that was for sure!! You guys were time,lives,money wasting

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Since none of the foreign fighters/taliban/terrorists/insurgents, wear any type of military uniform, one could say that they are "civilians".

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There is a whole lot of checking and rechecking before they pull the trigger on this kind of operation. It is likely that those killed were not civilians, and if there were civilians killed, they were likely collaborators, which would make them paramilitary, and not civilians.

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The only way you can be sure you killed an insurgent from the air with air reconnaisance is to see them in the act of insurgency. You have to be one hell of brainwashed monkey idiot to think some info from someone, plus seeing guys walking along with guns = guaranteed insurgents or anything close. This cowardly crap from the air is counterproductive and frankly evil. Far too many innocent civilians are getting killed and their deaths were totally avoidable. You can't sort Afghanistan out from the air.

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Did Karazi also say that without any airstikes he would be out of a job?

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