Taliban announce spring offensive in Afghanistan


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Entered on a false flag and should leave while the door is still open in my opinion.

War is a waste of time, and in that part of the world a total waste of effort and lives.

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Scary stuff.

reminded of that movie "buried" in which the civilian contractor (Ryan Renolds) wakes up buried in a crate with his tormentors calling his cellphone, and his own people not giving a hoot.

Scary stuff indeed!

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Easy to say, but the people who thought you were protecting them will have to pay the price.

In fact a total pull-out would mean consigning eveything to the bin, and a return to the same old Taliban 'government'. (Anyone who has not read the Kite Runner, a Thousand Splendid Suns, etc., can get a clear picture of what that might be from these excellent books.)

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"the group's own request for direct peace talks with the US"

simply put , they want money talks with the US

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Why is the U.S. still there?

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I don't know what is the purpose of US and allied countries to stay there meaning war with Taliban. If this Taliban announcement is true lot of Afghan an foreign soldiers will die. Osama Bin Laden is dead and what's next? CIA again with their plots?

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The Taliban are good at causing pain and death. And with all those weapons it is easier to continue fighting than seriously negotiate. Besides, they have to compete with IS for control over the populace, pitiless control imposed with fear and terror.

Even so, it is a little late for spring. Perhaps they should be ‘announcing’ the start of their summer bloodbath instead.

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It's Sprintime! For the Taliban! And Afhganistan!!

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"Operation Al Khandaq -- named after a famous seventh century battle in Medina in which Muslim fighters defeated "infidel" invaders"

These nutjobs are still living in the 7th century.

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