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Afghan teen migrant killed after injuring passengers on German train with ax, knife


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I suspect the patience of the good German people - who have done so much to accomodate refugees - is going to wear thin if outrages like this, attacks on women over New Years, and those in France continue. I hope the poor victims pull through. Good job by the cops for eliminating this scumbag before he could cause more carnage.

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More to come.

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Afghan teen has stabbed 3 innocent German citizens in name of Allah, today. How can you know there are no bad Muslims in among refugees you took in? Does any host country citizen should have lost their lives by one bad Muslim refugee? Which Politician can guarantee good Muslim will not turn on you one day.

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Afghan teen has stabbed 3 innocent German citizens

Other reports say the injured were visitors from Hong Kong. Not that it really makes a difference.

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As the attacker would no doubt have said, they are all infidels or apostates - what difference, at this point, does it make.

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Reports now say he had an ISIS flag. The fact that only 0.000..01% of Muslims are violent extremists is of little consolation when people are now terrified to ride public transport with 100% of their Muslims neighbours. The massive cost of security, the disruption to our economy, the loss of tourism, and the anxiety we feel over that 0.000..01% need to be taken into account before we extend a helping hand to any more Islamic asylum seekers or migrants into Europe.

The Afghan government wasn't trying to kill this young man. His asylum claim should have been reject immediately and he should have been detained while awaiting deportation unless he was a genuinely young child, let's say under 13~14. We need to stop this madness.

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From what I understand the people who were attacked were visiting Germany from Hong Kong. Not German citizens, but still this puts a dent in tourism.

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