Afghan troops push into city of Kunduz; Taliban in retreat


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They will be back. They live there, unlike the poor NATO guys who are sent halfway around the globe on this foolish mission by their governments, bleeding the ressources at home.

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A bit of a blow to our Russian propagandists but good news for everyone else.

Pretty amazing the Afghans stepped up here I didn't think they had it in them.

What's with the MadBeards using Twitter and taking selfies anyway, I thought Western technology was a no-no?

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Kunduz is an area that is not generally sympathetic to the Taliban, rather it is the heartland of the Northern Alliance and the forces of Massoud. I am glad the ANA ran them out of there and doubt they'll be back in Kunduz. The eastern and southern provinces are where the Taliban will continue to press their advantage.

Most Afghans want stability and the ANA is vastly improved over what it was ten years ago. Let's hope they can stabilize their country.

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Good news but I would not call it great news. Fact is, the Taliban never should have been able to take in the first place.

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