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Afghanistan seeks Saudi help to talk with Taliban


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You can talk to the Taliban all you want, but they must be disbanded. The leaders must be arrested and penalities paid. < :-)

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That attitude is going to prolong the war, isn't it? I don't think the Taliban are ever going to be disbanded. We can't disband ideas.

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Taliban/al qaeda wants to its spiritual ways to expand via more spirituality like in mecca.

Mecca like atmosphere which is thousand of kilometers away is aim of the militants. But to reach the perfections of saudi arabia will not be easy for countries far away.

Prolonging the war and misery, will be consequences of wanting to disband Taliban/al qaeda/other militants.

All IOC nations,afghanistan,OPEC and iraq will remain how they are.

No one can change them to be rich like Dubai or Doha, if the nations themselves do not want change by themselves. Dubai and doha were lucky with petrodollars to make the change.

It up to IOC nations govts and islamic nations governments to deal with taliban/alqeda militants(former govt of afghanistan).

This problem of iraqi people,pakistan tribal people and afghan people, let them find a peaceful co existence among themselves and among their various factions pro-west or pro-middle east. The peace will take time of decades via the fires of violence losing appeal among common people.

All fires of violence can't go on forever,somehow/sometime in future they must a find a peaceful co-existence systems among themselves.

These regions wealth distribution problems, is their problems in solving wealth distribution woes.

Handing over 50 over percent land recently to iraq army fast is in the ways of best policy . They put responsibilty back to locals and will not prolong damages in afghanistan/iraq by west.

Nations of world should give all help they want in afghanistan/iraq. The governments of iraq/afghan should provide security of lives for all people local/others. This may be more possible via end of the war/violence in afghanistan/iraq.

Lives are being taken way because of fear of conversions or perversion from original ways/culture of afghans or iraqis.

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Thats right, asking the fox to help guard the hen house. How can a journalist write an article like this an keep a straight face?

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burkah's off the women, freedom and democracy and now peace talks. Like Iraq this is another American success story to be proud of

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You can't talk peace with these guys. They'll stab you in the back at the first opportunity. These are old blooded killers, who have no qualms about killing innocents.

They took Afghanistan back to the stoneage. They need to be eliminated to spoken to.

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It's difficult to talk peace when you have your boots in their country.

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