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After Dutch reject populism, will other Europeans follow?


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It wasn't a given obviously since he never had a shot at a clear majority, which is what it would take for his party to form a government since every other Dutch party publicly pledged that they will never be part of a coalition with Wilders party. But it is hard to call it a complete loss when the trend is up, when he added seats and has the second highest number of all parties.

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It doesn't help that the man looks like a creepy sex offender, only anti-socials would vote for him. Also, the Netherlands is no France. The French are far, far more cynical than the Dutch and I think the potential for a populist victory is many times higher in France

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The rest of Europe saw the panicked faces on Boris Johnson and Michael Gove when their protest vote backfired, and recognized them for the all-mouth-and-no-trousers mendacious opportunists they are.

They saw how the UK - despite the best efforts of a red, white and blue, us-against-the-world cognitive dissonance - is actually (watch this space) tearing itself apart.

They saw Theresa May hand-in-hand with Donald Trump.

And they said "Nee, bedankt," just as they'll say "Non, merci" and "Nein, danke," too.

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Rutte's party lost 8 seats, whereas Wilders' party gained 5 seats to become the second largest party. Read that how you will.

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Yet again, the left-leaning Associated Press and the left-leaning press in general prove why they can't relied upon to provide facts absent of "spin."

The Right is "smashed" in Holland because...Geert's PVV won 5 new seats to become the 2nd largest party by representation?? Voters "reject" populism...when the Prime-Minister's party LOSES 8 seats (PM's VVD) and the center-Left Labor Party (PvdA) lost 29 SEATS and failied to win even a SINGLE municipality for the first time in its history?? The Prime Minister's ruling coalition now doesn't have enough seats to govern, forcing him to expand (and weaken) into a new coalition of even more competing parties? THIS is the victory about which they seek to crow?

Perhaps the media should learn what a "Phyrric Victory" means...cause this election hurt their buddies on the Left WAY more than it helped them. Watch and enjoy the general, broad-based move to the Right all across Europe...

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Yet again, the left-leaning Associated Press and the left-leaning press in general

Have a tissue for goodness sake.

Other than a victory for sanity, GreenLeft was the big winner of this election leaping from four MPs to 14.

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Aw, the rightists are trying to keep their chins up after this trash right politician picked up 20 seats out of 150. The Dutch are a source for hope.

Is the trash right media reporting what Madverts pointed out about those tree-hugging lefties making more progress than Wilder's party?

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The greens are never really taken seriously yet they are the clear winner wich is good since we have a lot more crazier people running AKA Wlders and the Erdogan Satalite party of DENK and I should point out that VVD is a center right winged party and its still the biggest party in our pariliment right now.

Dutch goverment has always been either center right or center left with right wing leaning policies its never been full left or right in a 100 years I had to mail a aproval to my parents to vote since I dont live in the Netherlands but still get voting rights.

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Jimmy, so the fact that Wilders' party GAINED and Rutte's party LOST more seats is lost on you? It's a shift of the tide.

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