After Raqa, what's next for the U.S. military in Syria


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what's next for the U.S. military in Syria

'Put America (and Americans) first' by getting out of all places in MENA and sending troops home. Stop spending so much on invading sovereign nations. Stop spending so much to make war industries richer. Spend money on protecting your own people in your own country. Find alternatives to burning so many hydrocarbon based resources.

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Go home.

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It's time to get out of the quagmire that is the Middle East. This is just not worth another drop of American blood or another dollar that could be better spent here in the States on our sagging infrastructure.

We have absolutely NO business being in Syria, or in any other Middle Eastern country, for that matter.

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They're there illegally, what do you think should happen?

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Leave.  although I guess they will now re-ignite the conflict with Assad.

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America has been in a state of war EVERY SINGLE DAY for the past 16 years - in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Haiti, Libya, etc. and it's become a reality TV show. So neat and painless (not for the military of course) and a source of ratings for news "talking heads" (at best). Obama pulled the troops out of the illegal Iraq War but Iraq was so destroyed with a weak base and power and a REAL menace emerged - the ISIS, so Obama launched the air war on ISIS. Stupid Trump is concerned about making money from it all and he implements his Hitleresque HATE on certain Middle Eastern immigrants.

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"Get the job done". It'll NEVER "get done" with these fools in office making a profit from war. After ISIS, there will ANOTHER "worse than Hitler" scenario. Trump keeps on shooting off his stupid mouth about North Korea. his lies will never end. Trump needs to be impeached now, he's not good for anything.

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They have to be told by Israel, but my bet is hezbollah then Iran.

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The US was never really on the ground in Syria, except for a few advisors. No need for anyone to call in US air strikes any more.

The US has just fallen silent in Iraq, allowing the Iran-backed Iraqi militias to take back Kirkuk from the Kurds.

What kind of message will that send to each of the players in Syria? 

Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and Assad will surely take full advantage, generously allowing the Kurds to live again stateless in certain areas.

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