After Syria coordination talks with Israel, Russia beckons to Turkey, U.S.


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Russia seems to be much more effective in their military action and open to co-operation with the govt.s of the countries involved. It really makes the US / NATO seem unreasonably intransigent and no doubt makes many people wonder about the US motives / (un) willingness to get rid of IS as quickly as possible. Putins Syria policy seems like it will give Russia a much needed boost in its international standing. ( to a great dismay of US / NATO )

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The major thing we have seen is that there now will be a counter to US and western coup attempts, anywhere on the globe. They will not be allowed unobstructed. I think that is a good thing, I am tired of my country doing so many coups and trying to play God.

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It will be hard for Russia to reconcile Israels interest with the interest of their ally Hizb-Allah in Syria. I hope Putin does not get weak there.

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“It is important that there should be such talks between Russia and all the countries who are interested in exchanging intelligence and operational information ... including the United States,” he added.

Because whatever the US does, will be seen as a response to russia's muscle flexing in syria. Thanks to the obama administration, initiative was lost.

And the russian (escalation) firing of cruise missiles into syria from their ships at sea makes the White House look that much weaker.

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ISIS is currently not really getting rid of since they're not really attacking ISIS

ISIS is just sitting back and seeing how everything's playing out

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I am glad Russia is finally taking action. I am sure the US MSM Propaganda machine will do everything in its power to discredit what Russia is doing, but any intelligent person can clearly see Russian's involvement. Pipewar

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The United States and its allies have destabilized Syria. They have no right to fly their aircraft over Syria or provide aid to rebels. Syria is a sovereign nation and the Americans have no mandate from the United Nations. I agree with the actions of Russia under President Putin. Hopefully Russia can restore peace to Syria. If the Americans want to do something they should attack ISIS in Iraq.

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Can I take this time to thank the US democrat voters for inflicting the USA and the world with Obama. Thanks to him, Russia is now stepping up its games in the world and will be seen as the country which solved problems, this will cause the UN and the EU to effectively ignore the fact Russia invaded the Ukraine and annexed parts of the country.

Thanks democats, way to put Russia in charge.

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Todd Topolski, so the United States can go anywhere in the world with their planes and bombs? The Syrian government has rejected the Americans bombing within their nation. Who made them the "worlds policemen?"

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