Aid missions boost U.S. troops' image, readiness


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Giving credit where credit is due, without U.S. forces nearby, the Philippine tragedy would had been in much worse shape.

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"If I were the people of the Philippines I'd tell china to "Talk to Da Hand "What they should do is tell China to get out if their shoals and give back vital fishing and natural resources. Here is just a example of China two faced imagery ..they did not respond to the crisis on hand and there is no excuse for a country that is big and powerful as it is not to respond to the needs of the less fortunate ...they have the resources to do it and fast but now the world is seeing how greedy and power hungry they are...and will go to no expense at taking instead of giving !"

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The United States and allied nation deserve very bit of praise for their fast and generous commitment to assist the Philippines. The usual US and J bashing crowd have nothing to say in light of current events so they want to leave "politics out of it". Read the news, it is China that is leaving the politics in this issue.

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Glad US can assist the Philippines. More than 1 million people lost homes. Beside that, people need water and food. Any help will help them but USA is doing great. I watched on news children begging with their hands and arms stretching, Hope once in a while they get candies, too.

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Despite our mounting debt, I'm happy to help out the Philippines. They're one of our best allies in the whole world, and the average Filipino has no beef with the average American and the Japanese compared to other countries. They need our help and I say we give it to them. I'd rather help out the Philippines than other countries that keep spewing hate against America. We are not perfect but in times of crisis we are always United as Americans, always ready to help.

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In news, I watched girls are scooping rice in their bags. So they can eat rice now. I also watched water supplies. American people are not confused. Deficit in USA has nothing to do with helping this natural disaster victims, Media's attitude in USA. No home, They are still looking for their relatives body. Glad USA help can satisfy USA people's wish to help filippine. .

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8 MV-22 Osprey are in the Philippines from Okinawa. Accordingly, 8 more will be used i days to come.

US Airforce can use the Philippine Air Space for free OSPREY flight (at the same time doing a very noble works of helping-hand) without the resistance from constituents like here in Japan.

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Thank you to the US for doing so much, but can we please try to leave the politics out of this? That goes for ALL sides.

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Glad US can assist the Philippines.

Despite our mounting debt, I'm happy to help out the Philippines.

Unlike Serrano, Mr. cut "All foreign aid, immediately." I agree.

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Phillippine writers: Hope your families survuved. I was nosing JT Sport Board. There is an article "Japn Day lost 8 relatives ....." USA people's attitude is the Govt debt is caused by Govt. Govt should help where people need help. Free Speech country people sure speak up for victims in Phillippin. They even forgot Obamacare crisis.

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"China has not sent any military personnel, and contributed relatively tiny financial aid."

What's up with that?

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Can we take the politics and propaganda out of this disaster, please?

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