Aid to quake-hit Syria slowed by sanctions, war's divisions


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The US doesn't want the area to get aid except from it for political reasons.

The legitimate, elected government of Syria wanted the aid to come to Syrians through Syria partly for political reasons, and party because the logistics would make aid delivery easier for all of Syria, because the hypocrisy of the American blockade would be too apparent for other countries to be able to appease the US by obeying it.

But the earthquake has effectively left it with a choice between obviously blocking all aid, or letting it all go through the normal channels to all Syrians, losing the 'you're better off with us' card to keep the population of the part of Syria it "invade illegally, brutally, and unprovoked" under its rule.

And while the US may have made the legitimate government of Syria a 'pariah' in the eyes of NATO for successfully resisting its invasion, that is a small percentage of the world, and the SCO doesn't see it that way, nor do the NonAligned Nations, BRICS etc.

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Where's Russia?!

Oh, that's right, killing people is a higher priority for Russia right now, not saving people.

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Russia is in least I believe so ist still there.

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Aid to quake-hit Syria slowed by western sanctions-better to be exact.

Its not in US interests to help to Syria but to destroy that country.

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Most of northern Syria is under the control of former (well, we hope) Al Qaeda affiliate Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and the Turkish backed Syrian National Army (SNA) with Turkish forces backing them. A small area of the northeast is under Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) control. SDF is mostly Kurdish. Turkey has some influence with HTS but increasingly HTS has been challenging SNA forces trying to edge them out of their area of control. The most heavily damaged area, around Idlib, is an HTS stronghold. Much UN aid comes to the region from Turkey. The Russians and Syrian government have tried for years to force the UN to send aid through Syria, where the Syrians can pilfer it and control its distribution but the UN has so far defeated these efforts. The US has 900 soldiers on the Syria Iraq border to hunt IS. They are not otherwise involved in the Syrian civil war however their location astride Iran's preferred route to resupply their IRGC forces and Hezbollah allies put US forces in frequent conflict with Iranian IRGC forces.

But of course it is all the fault of the US. For some everything including their failed marriage is the fault of the US.

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Where's Russia?! Oh, that's right, killing people is a higher priority for Russia right now, not saving people".

If you bothered to Google and get your facts straight a little bit you,d know that Russian military in Syria were amongst the first to have started rescue operations there with 300 personnel and 60 pieces of equipment. Additionaly Russia offered to send more rescue teams to both Syria and Turkey. Ukraine also offered a large rescue team to Turkey. How about keeping this natural disaster and the rescue efforts separate from the Ukraine war discussion. Not that hard.

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