Air pollution killed seven million people in 2012: WHO


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How in the world did the WHO attain these figures? If human health and safety were truly a concern how about Boats, trains and automobiles. Bicycles, swimming, and recreational activities!

What IS the motivation behind this claim?

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@MarkG:What IS the motivation behind this claim? to give a new life to a dead issue of global warming (!)

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Is human influenced global warming a fact? Do we humans have proof of that? I will say no to both answers. It is fact that "global warming" is theory as the science community admits.

With the above said, I do believe we all should limit our personal impact on the earth. I reduce, reuse and recycle. I would hope we all do the same but many who spew Global Warming impact the environment the most......makes me wonder what their motivation really is.

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Is human influenced global warming a fact?


Do we humans have proof of that?


I will say no to both answers.

Good thing you're not a climate scientist.

It is fact that "global warming" is theory as the science community admits.

No it doesn't.

What is a fact is that some people's vested interests are holding us back from dealing with this problem.

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Are these figures true? How can they link these deaths to air pollution?

I believe many countries have improved a lot. I remember when I first went to Mexico, the city looked as if it was covered in yellow mist like the photo here. It doesn't seem like that anymore. We have cleaner air here in Japan as well. There is no such thing as burning trash (or leaves) in your back yard, the exhaust standards for small scooter bikes and trucks have improved since long ago so that you don't see them puffing smoke like they used to.

Well if their intent is to declare war on air polluting China, I think they will have Japan's full support.

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With humans being the leading cause of this global warming, I mean, climate change, reducing the overpopulation burden on Mother Earth would be the right way to go. So, this is good news, right?

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China’s Premier Li Keqiang has vowed to “declare war”, it's like he stole my script. Despite the ostriches showing themselves here in the comments section, if even a fraction of these figures are correct, then we need to take constructive action to save and protect life. We have a war on drugs and one against terror, we need one against pollution and the degradation of our planet, we can't afford to wait a few decades to see who's argument is correct.

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Not ostriches. I would like to see proof. The "global warming" preachers don't provide it and are "personally" amongst the greatest contributors.

As I say, I prefer to play it safe and take my own personal choices.

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This is not a global warming issue, it's an air pollution issue. It doesn't matter if you believe in global warming, this is largely about things like car exhaust.

How could such data be gotten? By tallying up deaths that were caused by things from bad air, from air pollution.

I would imagine that the vast majority of these deaths occur in, and around major cities, followed then by the poor living around factories, and plants that highly contaminate the local air, water, soil, and food.

Right now, "modern" "city planning" is mostly a lack of actual city planning, and it is creating many horrific problems in society. This is one of those problems. Big cities do not have enough plants to deal with their ridiculous levels of air pollution.

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