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Airline passengers asked for extra cash for fuel


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A case of reverse skyjacking?

"travel agents had taken the passengers’ money before the planes left but had not passed it on to the airline".

Who's fault is that? Did they refuse to pay the airline or the way it's always been? How much capital does the airline have to operate? There has to be more to the story.

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Strange situation.

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“We need some money to pay the fuel, to pay the airport, to pay everything we need. If you want to go to Birmingham, you have to pay.”

Blackmail? What if several of the passengers don't have enough money on hand, would they be left behind to fend for their own?

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Sign of the times.

Many companies, etc now run so lean that they can't absorb a bump in the road. All about increasing profits but run too lean and ...

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There are some videos on YouTube you guys should watch. Keyword search: Worst Flight Ever

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This sounds like a scam! I mean this wasnt mentioned when they bought the ticket was it. Sounds criminal to me.

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Bhupinder Kandra, the airline’s majority shareholder, told the Associated Press from Vienna that travel agents had taken the passengers’ money before the planes left but had not passed it on to the airline.***

I hope the FAA etc...do the right thing and shut down Kandra's cheap ass airline ASAP!

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India has quite a few (my guess is around 70) billionaire businessmen. I wonder if this Bhupinder fellow is one of 'em. From this case, it sounds like he won't be much longer.

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This story is so funny. What next? Ladies and gentlemen, we have lost cabin pressure, you better give us some more money to fix it OR......OR you have to disembark right now at 26,000 feet. Unlucky for you this a CRJ-900 so try not to jump straight out.

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absolutely disgraceful

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Comtel?? I will remember to NEVER ever even dream of flying such a crappy airline!

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Michael O'Leary, eat your heart out!

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Unless its international, I prefer to drive. See the country and avoed the airlines nonsense and the TSA buffoonery.


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