Alex Jones declines to put on a defense in defamation trial


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Mr. Jones is a piece of pond scum. He could pay everything he has and it still wouldn’t be enough.

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Pathetic sick loser clown..

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Jones’ attorney, Norm Pattis, told the judge that his client was boycotting the proceedings because he feels he’s being asked to either commit perjury, be held in contempt of court or invoke his rights not to answer questions under the Fifth Amendment.

Jones entire argument seems to boil down to "if it weren't against the law, I wouldn't have done anything illegal"

Pesky, that whole law and order thing.

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Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones decided not present any defense Wednesday at his defamation trial 

Because there is none.

Just think what an utter scumbag one has to be when not only not presenting a defense, but not even attending is the least damaging thing one can do to oneself.

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And we all remember whom he counted as a big supporter, right?

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This whole liberal farce will end once McCarthy takes over the gavel and Gym Jordan rolls up his shirt sleeves on the House Judiciary committee. Also, I know someone who can pardon Jones just by thinking about it!

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The problem for Jones is that an accusation was lodged against him, he was given the opportunity to respond and defend himself, but he chose not to, and therefore was found guilty. In other words, when the law of the land said to him 'you have been accused of this crime, and they have provided this evidence that makes it look like you may have done it, so please, put together a defense so that we can determine' he refused to put together a defense. This leaves the law with evidence that he did do what he was accused of, and no evidence that he didn't do it. It makes the court's decision much, much easier when the person chooses not to defend themselves.

He has the right to not put forth a defense if he so chooses, but that wouldn't excuse him from judgement any more than a murderer would be excused when choosing not to put forth a defense in court.

He's not dealing with a full deck. Which doesn't say much for the people who forked over their own money off to buy his supplements. Some of those people are even on this very board,.

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During the trial, which began Sept. 13, the FBI agent and 14 family members testified that after Jones pushed the conspiracy theory on his popular Infowars show, they received death and rape threats, mail from conspiracy theorists that included photos of dead children, and had in-person confrontations with people telling them their children or wives or mothers never existed.

Mark and Jackie Barden, whose 7-year-old son Daniel was killed, testified Tuesday that people had urinated on their son's grave and threatened to dig it up to prove he was still alive.

Relatives said the harassment has not stopped in the nearly 10 years since the shooting.

what a proud legacy…yup, it’s all a scheme to disarm proper patriots and allow the UN to rule America…

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This whole liberal farce will end once McCarthy takes over the gavel and Jim Jordan rolls up his shirt sleeves on the House Judiciary committee.

Yes, can't wait.

Also, I know someone who can pardon Jones just by thinking about it!

Well Jones is like AOC a very odd character and although I don't see the allure, millions do, he's not going to prison, but if they can take as much money from him as they possibly can, that's good enough for these people, I don't feel sorry for him, but as long as he has his following, he will be ok.

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I don’t see the allure

He’s on board with the stolen election crap among his other trash.

I agree with you - who could possibly see the allure in someone like that.?

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Jones is like AOC

AOC peddles conspiracy theories, rails against the government, and incites her followers to violence? That's news to me.

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The is no comparison between Jones and AOC who is an elected member of Congress. She got there because people voted for her. Jones peddles lies and conspiracies.

Ocasio-Cortez Wins 2nd Term in Costly Loss for Republicans

Sep 24, 2021 — There is already speculation that Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, 31, the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, may soon consider a run for higher office.

I can understand why you would be afraid of her.

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$10M each. Let him pay everything he earns for the rest of his life. Allow him to live in a shack without indoor plumbing, walk to the bus for a 2hr ride each day and a plain baloney sandwich for every meal, no cheese.

Part of the settlement needs to have penalties for any future lies with an "honest mistake" for 1 day to be corrected without penalty, but if he lies after it is clearly non-factual, the fine needs to be $10K/day.

He needs to be made an example for all others who may be tempted to follow his methods. Sadly, the US laws protect lawmakers - there is nearly always an exception to allow lawmakers to say anything as demonstrated by Marjorie Taylor Greene. She's almost as big a liar as Jones and that other loser, ex-President. I call him a loser, because he lost the election, not as a personal attack about his lack of character.

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