All 16 of Vietnam's coronavirus sufferers cured


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More of this news please, clearly more people are being cured than dying, report on it media!

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What medication was used? What stage of the virus were they at when seeking medical attention?

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Reassuring news, hopefully cure correllated with warmer climes, so as the temperature rises in the northern hemisphere things might take a turn for the better.

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If this is true it's good news, no? Even though it shares a border with China and is a tourist hub (if the numbers are accurate) it would probably indicate that hot and humid climates aren't favorable for the spread of viruses - much like the common cold or the flu. Hopefully this is the case and by late May this will be mostly over in the Northern hemisphere. I've never looked forward to a Tokyo summer more. Fingers crossed.

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Isn't there a difference between just recovering from a sickness and actually being 'cured' by some form of treatment? Which is it in these cases?

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The rest, including a three-month-old baby, are improving, the ministry added.

This is really good news

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As the global economy teeters over a hyped up version of the common cold that kills octogenarian cigarette smokers.

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And many more too... diabetes patients, anyone undergoing chemotherapy, Parkinson’s sufferers, kidney disease and heart disease sufferers, etc.

i presume you desire to live to the ripe old age of 50?

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Great news, I hope it gets wide coverage to counter the current "panic broadcasting" followed by major news sources. Treatment details need to be shared worldwide immediately.

3 ( +5 / -2 )

If all have been cured, then why are some still hospitalized?

1 ( +4 / -3 )

An article singularly lacking any facts, have they even bothered to do some background work, contacted the Vietnamese for details, asked the very questions immediately springing to the mind of posters above? If we can think of these questions it should not be beyond the wit of a supposedly professional reporter or media organisation. This is just sloppy and lazy journalism.

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The rest, including a three-month-old baby, are improving, the ministry added.

Improving = "cured"?

Anyway, promising news. Another SE Asian nation, Indonesia, is claiming zero people infected with the virus. Pretty dubious.

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Using the word "cured" suggests that the infected people recovered due to medical procedures applied in Vietnam. There isn't enough info in the article to say definitively that they were not actually cured, but it seems more likely that the use of the word "survived" would be more accurate. As yet, there is no known cure or vaccine.

If we go with a mortality rate of 2+% for this new covid virus, it is not surprising that all 16 survived. A 2+% mortality rate would, on average, lead us to expect one fatality for about 48 infected.

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We should learn from Vietnam.

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Were tests performed to determine that the virus doesn't exist in all these former patients?

Did they do those tests daily to build knowledge on recovery time?

Did they determine when the people weren't infectious? How many days after symptoms ended did that occur?

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Vietnam has followed advices from WHO

we are lucky for many reasons such as warm weather , all patients were not in critical categories.

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Cured or just recovered? Cure requires a type or types of medication, recovery does not.

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I think, it's a bit too soon to say that they have been cured, since as has been reported before, people have been announced as "cured" only then to be found as having the Virus again... this Virus can supposedly hide itself within a person for up to a month without giving any symptoms.

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An interesting angle on this is whether after recovery your body has built up some resistance or immunity to reinfection by this particular virus. Need a medical scientist to comment. How depressing it would be to recover and then contract it again.

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This story is untrue, these patients have not been 'cured', there is no cure. They have got better, they have recovered. The virus is a self limiting disease, like most human viruses. It's like saying they cured a cold.

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Well this is great news. I mean I’m no expert on the virus, but hopefully as the spring comes in the northern hemisphere warms up, that everyone else will be cured as well. So that way, we can move on from this devastating pandemic.

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Heavy drinker and smokers have a high death rate, the virus is also present in reproduction organ

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Gogogo,people do not die from the coronavirus, they have organ failure and development of pneumonia and have to be put on a ventilator

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JC,the Southern Hemisphere will, get their sure of the virus, hope has never been a cure for problem

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More of this news please, clearly more people are being cured than dying, report on it media!

Yeah! Maybe the price gouging/shortages of masks will stop.

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What kind of special treatment did they administer to patients?. That's the information we want to know the most  here.

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