Alleged bodies of 'non-human beings' shown in Mexican Congress


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Oh please just stop this foolishness.

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it looks like a Halloween prop purchased at Home Depot /:

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Maussan cited carbon dating analysis by the National Autonomous University of Mexico that he said showed "these beings are around 1,000 years old."

Ooooh, Halloween props made from recycled plastic

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DNA test it and ban the people that presented them if human.

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Many want to believe but looks to have been debunked already.

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Looks like it came out of a cereal box.

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And they expect us to believe that BS.

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Let the expert in various fields examine them, then we can say what we like. Until then, it’s too incredible to believe.

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Wouldn't it have been a plan to take his holiday souvenirs to some scientists to examine, rather than a bunch of politicians? And did he have the appropriate paperwork to remove them from Peru and transport 'mummified alien remains' across the border? You wouldn't get them into Australia. They'd be straight in the biosecurity incinerator.

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Wouldn't it have been a plan to take his holiday souvenirs to some scientists to examine, rather than a bunch of politicians?

That would have been a dumb plan. No. Best to start with the politicians and THEN go to experts.

There is a reason we are seeing this picture, and that is simply because he started with politicians, and NOT American politicians.

I am keeping an open mind, but this may simply be deformed children, perhaps even INTENTIONALLY deformed using things similar to foot binding techiniques. Or plastic. Or plaster of paris. I cannot even say this picture is worth a thousand words. There just isn't much to go on here.

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This is nothing more than theatre to distract from the economic and social chaos going on to separate us from our liberties and assets.

Carry on.

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I have long believed in alien life forms because the size of the universe is almost beyond perception. The only thing I hope is that they are not human, I mean, we have already devastated our planet, so we have to hope that any aliens out there will have just a little more intelligence, and not find excuses to have wars every five minutes.

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