Allies alarmed by Pakistan deal with Taliban


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What's so alarming? Are these Allies new to Pakistan? They are the ones who continued to ignore or support Pak when Musharraf was in power. Symptoms are known, medicine is available, only thing is find a doctor.

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Pakistan promised Bush almost everything he asked for, for a price, that was paid & have never delivered. Pakistan have always been two faced (at the very least). I would trust Iran & even the Taliban before I would trust Pakistan, at least Iran & the Taliban are honest enough to say what they really think (as twisted as that is). One day Pakistan will pay for it’s duplicitous nature, but in the meantime many more people in the region are going to suffer.

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Grafton - agree, but Pakistan has nuclear weapons and has a major issue with a next door major power that it has been at war with periodically for the last 60 years. Pakistan is in dire straits and this was a pragmatic choice by the government which is probably the most unstable it has ever been. Given the history, geography and the politics of the region, the Status Quo hasn't really changed, it is just 'official' now.

I firmly belive that as far as 'Terrorism' is concerned, Pakistan's stability is the No. 1 issue in the world.

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Let's give it a chance anyway and see what happens.

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Allies alarmed by Pakistan deal with Taliban

As well they should be. Taliban forces quickly cut through the Swat region shooting innocents and beheading the opposition. Now, as a reward, they get what they want; a license do continue doing the same with impunity... in the name of God.

And what did the Pakistani govt get in return for negotiating? Nothing. This kind of appeasement resulted in Adolf Hitler's WW2 march across Europe. Make no mistake, the Taliban will not stop until they have toppled the Pakistani Govt. Af-Pak will then become the epicenter of WW3, as the conflict boils over into India/Kashmir. As the US continues to destabilize the whole region by drone missile attacks, is this what the US ultimately wants? The Great depression ended in World war. Looks like we haven't learned a thing from history.

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I've been against all the money we've given Pakistan. They have beefed up their military, but opened their arms to the Taliban. The closer the Talioban get's to the capital of Islamabad.

Worries me too. < :-)

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KumaNiku at 10:41 AM JST - 19th February

You brought up a good point that I failed to think through, Pakistan do have nuclear weapons & has adaydream says “The closer the Talioban get's to the capital of Islamabad. Worries me too. < :-)”

It worries me that the Taliban are getting that close to nuclear weapons & I can’t see the corrupt Pakistani government keeping that fragmented country out of the hands of the religious crazies. This agreement with the Taliban is one very big step in the wrong direction.

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While Obama is sending the US armee on a wild goose chase in Afghanistan, in Pakistan the next Jihadist state is taking shape... and this time one with nuclear weapons.

How does the media darling want to handle that? No idea in sight, and nobody is asking The One.

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Damn this is tough. The Taliban getting a free pass to the capital of Pakistan, paved with $10Billion of American dollars.

Afghanistan is in a worst condition then they were when we first announced success in pushing the terrorist out of their training camps.

We took lots of our troops out of Afghanistan and sent them to Iraq and allowed the Taliban to re-emerge in areas that we had cleaned out before.

Pakistan is only one of two wars that george bush started and couldn't accomplish. Now Obama has to clean it up. This war that has gone on for 6 years, not funished with the troops and arms needed.

Obama's been in office less than a month. Everything that bush screwed up can't be fixed overnight. bush had 6 years to screw it up. Obama can fix it eventually. < :-)

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"Afghanistan is in a worst condition then they were when we first announced success in pushing the terrorist out of their training camps"

Don't worry... the Italians have just announced a sincere interest in joining the fight ! Bwahaha ! The Italians ! Hell they know when to jump on the US bandwagon don't they... much like the French wading into Iraq after all these years to suddenly want to talk business. Have the Europeans no shame ??? I mean good god !

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It's not the Italians war. It's george bush's war.

But Obama is here now. You can relax. He can do the job that george bush couldn't. < :-)

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