Almost 100,000 children lost parents to COVID in Peru


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Almost 100,000 children lost parents to COVID in Peru

And yet many with their own agendas still insist it is just a cold or flu.

The government currently provides a pension of 200 soles ($50) every two months to more than 18,000 families.

And many other governments have given up supporting their citizens as funds are diverted to support corporations.

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dagon- well said!

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A sad reminder that you can't replace effective vaccination with unproven drugs, that even if cheap are useless against the infection.

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The US far-right, who shun the vaccine even when their Oracle assures them it is "safe and it works" will experience this same tragedy....

One wonders who will instruct these children on MAGA-world's values and principles....

Such as hanging out with Neo-Nazis, buying them assault weapons, and permitting them to go out of state and join a vigilante group....and shoot unarmed protesters...

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Ah Agendas!

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The tab for this tragedy will come due for Peru further down the road, but no-one will be spared the consequences of this global pandemic, especially not the poor of the world. More than "a cold" for sure.

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Sadly, in the case of Peru.

The vaccines arrived very late, in very small quantities, since the ones that were acquired in the end ended up being monopolized by the United States and European countries (where they have a larger stock than they need and a population that is reluctant to be vaccinated).

While the families and population of the third world watched their relatives die without being able to do anything about it.

The irony of life is that new variants such as Omicron appear because the populations that did not have access to the vaccine created new variants that again affect the countries that monopolized the vaccines.

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Sinopharm and Sinovac? What's up? Why all the deaths?

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