American detained in N. Korea appeals for help


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Seems NK is looking for something, "smooth and quick" transaction.

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The 44-year-old said he had been leading a difficult life in prison because he was suffering from diabetes, a fatty liver, hardening of the arteries and a pain in the waist.

With all the organic veggies you are farming (+eating) -> I would expect your health to improve. Hang in there!, work hard, and eat well.

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Sorry, no sympathy for anyone who steps foot in a country (not in an official capacity) with which his/her country is still technically at war and has not normal diplomatic relations.

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It's definitely an interesting country - went there with Koryo Tours back in 2005.

He's got diabetes and a fatty liver, so is hoping for a return to the US where he can get much healthier food...

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wanna swap for Snowden (?!)

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For the same reasons as USNinJapan2, Akuma has no sympathy for this fool.. let him serve his time and learn his lesson.

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Going to NK on a religious mission wasn't the best idea.

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It seemed like a good idea at the time.

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Well, the Bible says that Jesus hanged around with sinners and was imprisoned and executed together with thieves and murderers. This missionary should be happy that he has the chance to emulate his idol. Spread the word in them prisons, brother.

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Ah, what part of "Stay Out" doesn't he understand? The USA values its citizens right to freedom of travel, but the Constitution stops at the USA border. Stay out of the countries on the list. The USA taxpayers can't afford to send a Clinton to rescue every good intentioned person. Leave him there.

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Stupid fool, now cries fir USA to rescue him. should have thought twice twice. USA stay out of this one.

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They'll send that basketball player Dennis Rodman to bail him out.

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North Korea is trying to get a direct line to Washington. Poor strategy, me thinks.

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A Korean-American sentenced to hard labour in North Korea has appealed to the United States to secure his early release

If he went their on a religious mission, then shouldn't he be appealing to someone there?

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Take away the TV and give him time to pray in earnest.

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