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American woman gang-raped in Indian town


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What the hell is going there in India? What do Indian men eat?

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The same stuff that been going for decades, my friends and Indian partners(both sexes) talk about traim-gropings, rapes.

Women have to be at home after certain evening time to protect them.

Hope they get the guys.

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It also made voyeurism, stalking, acid attacks and the trafficking of women punishable under criminal law.

Meaning they were legal up to this point? How scary.

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Cripes. Perhaps allowing all women to go armed but not men is a solution?

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The travel agencies and all the major Indian international airports should clearly inform women not to travel alone, especially in rural area, and in any case not to hitchhike. until they clean up their act and reduce the criminality

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India, like many other countries in this crazy, is not safe for women to travel by themselves, so better travel in groups and with security too.

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Maybe she was a mannequin wearing lingerie?

Seriously, it's time that India became tough on this kind of thing, and try to solve the problem instead of making excuses or blaming the women and their clothing.

I used to REALLY want to travel to India; love Bollywood, the music, wedding ceremonies, and what not, but this kind of thing makes me not want to go there at all, out of disgust.

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India was a country where women were respected and even worshipped in form of deities about 7 centuries ago. But post invasions from the North Western invaders and Islamic influences, there has been a detrimental influence post partition. The society has woken up to the reality of the fact that sometimes rape should be a crime punishable by death, but even that would not solve the problem. Men across not just India but Asia as well as the middle East need to be taught to respect women, just the way they would like their mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and girlfriends treated.

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She was hitchhiking in India? That's gotta be one of the most dangerous places in the world for a woman to ride her thumb. I'm a man ... and I sure wouldn't go hitchhiking there ... even with someone.

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even in the US, a woman, alone, will not hitchhike with a group of 3 men at the back of the truck yet she did it in a not so civilized country. Where is common sense when you need one?

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changamangaliayJUN. 05, 2013 - 11:39AM JST What the hell is going there in India? What do Indian men eat?

some sorta curry.

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Travelers to India better you avoid Northern India and choose Southern India. South people are more cultured than the north.

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Hitchhiking in a foreign country?

Mikihouse is right. Everybody rides in a car in USA. Even so, not only women but also men do not hitchhike in USA.

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I think the tourist trade in India is going to take a hit from all these stories coming out about the abuse of women. But really, would you get in a truck with bunch of guys you didn't know? It's too bad these guys were hoodlums but I don't know any country where I would recommend a woman hitchhiking - especially alone.

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No kidding... In this one case I'd say the woman was at fault for not using common sense, she's 30 so that means she's been in the world long enough to comprehend the risks of doing something stupid like hitchhiking in any country. Unless the men dragged her into the vehicle the alarms should have been going off in her head when 3 men in a truck are the only ones to slow down and pick her up is not a smart thing to do in the first place while she's by herself. Women have been murdered for actions that weren't even as ignorant as this. I still hope they capture the men, but the Indian police must have put her through the ringer about, "why the hell were you hitch-hiking alone in the first place?"

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I couldn't believe she dared to hitchhike in country like India.

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At one time hitch-hiking was relatively safe. It seems that the world is becoming a more crude and unsafe place. Just look at Japan over the last 30 years. Wasn't it safer in the 1980's than it is now?

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@ Kac-chan: You wrote It seems that the world is becoming a more crude and unsafe place. Just look at Japan over the last 30 years. Wasn't it safer in the 1980's than it is now? ...................

Japanese crime rate has been decreasing. Comparimg other countries in the world, very very safe, maybe safest, in the world Check Stat with Wikipedia. . There are statistic report comparing with other countries but since this is India situation so I will skip Japan. Crime rate in India far exceed Japan, and other countries. Check World Crime history comparison in Wikipedia. .

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Ka-chan: This is story about India. Nothing related to Japan when you don;t know Japan;s crime has been decreasing. Write about India.

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