Americans detained in North Korea call for US help


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North Korea is like a spoilt child that steals other kids toys then wants them to ask for them back

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I can't really feel sorry for any of these 3. It is well documented what happens to people trying to spread Christianity in NK and how they thought that their situation would be any different is beyond me. I'm very interested in NK and would like to visit there, but doing so would be supporting their inhuman government. Unless you are a member of a UN Human Rights/Nuclear group, there is no reason for you to give money to this country by visiting. If you go there and shit hits the fan, you have nobody to blame but yourself and your home country's government should not have to do anything to help you out.

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Inoki and other Japanese sportsmen, beside tourists, visit N. Korea freely. I guess these Japanese do not preach religeon in communism country so they are not arrested?,

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All said they believe the only solution to their situation is for a U.S. representative to come to North Korea to make a direct appeal.

If you are stupid enough to travel to Communist North Korea, well then you get whatever you get. In the case of all these people, they will get to play pawns.

I say the US should let these mental giants rot.

Bae said he did not realize before the trial that he was violating North Korean law, but refused to go into details.

Left a bible in his run, he knew exactly what he was doing and now he is paying the price for his stupidity.

Though a small number of U.S. citizens visit North Korea each year as tourists, the State Department strongly advises against it.

Again, if you're stupid enough to visit North Korea you deserve whatever happen.

North Korea says Miller, 24, entered the country on April 10 with a tourist visa, but tore it up at the airport and shouted that he wanted to seek asylum. Miller refused to comment on whether he was seeking asylum.

He was seeking asylum and he really deserves whatever he will get, hope he loves the Utopian Communist State!


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but tore it up at the airport and shouted that he wanted to seek asylum.

He needs to read his passport carefully. It states that if you denounce your citizenship then you are no longer a US citizent (words to that effect). He is old enough to know what he has done, and he should be held accountable and face the consequences. Obviously this guy fell into the trap of being too smart for his own good. My guess, he wants to get out now so that he can gain another "15 minutes of fame" on writing about how much he loves America now that he has been to NK. I say let him stay there. He made all of the effort to get there so now that he is there let him stay.

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when senior statesmen including former President Bill Clinton made trips to Pyongyang to secure the release of detainees.


There was one former Governor from a State who visited, They want higher ranking USA stateman to visit there. Former president is too low. Guess who these three want to visit them.

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Not a shred of sympathy for these fools, or for any American citizen who travels privately to a country with which the US doesn't have existing diplomatic relations. Unless you are visiting as an official member of your government, you have absolutely no business being there. Enjoy your extended stay in the workers' paradise gentlemen...

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Sad, but insane actions incur consequences - unless you're someone like Inoki or Dennis Rodman. Perhaps a swap could be arranged?

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North Korea says Miller, 24, entered the country on April 10 with a tourist visa, but tore it up at the airport and shouted that he wanted to seek asylum.

He's in an asylum, so I guess he got what he wanted.

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Going to North Korea and not expecting something to happen is like going to Hell and not expecting to get burnt. These guys should serve out their sentences, and return afterward, and their experiences should be a lesson to others who are thinking of visiting North Korea.

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There are WAAAAAaay too many other places I would visit before considering to go to North Korea.... like for instance, right HERE i. Afghanistan is one.

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This really pisses me off, especially the youngest one, Miller. They made their beds and should now sleep in them. Let them enjoy DPRK hospitality for as long as their sentences dictate.

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Need some examples like these to prevent more people trying it.

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What to do about annoying, crazy missionaries is a problem, but putting them in prison is a little over-the-top.

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