Amnesty calls on Canada to arrest George W Bush for authorizing torture


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As long as they call for the arrests of Obama and Biden, I dont see a problem. After all, Gitmo is STILL open and in business nearly three years after their election.

But seriously, what a ridiculous announcement. Given the human rights situation in places like Iran, China, and Pakistan, to call for the arrest of Bush? I would rather see them call for the arrest of Ahmidinejad (sp) next time he comes to the US or Canada. The myriad cases of egregious abuse and murder are ignored, just so Amnesty can get cheap publicity.

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Elbuda - The Canadians don't care about him so much, it's those Amnesty International loonies, ha ha!

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Nice publicity stunt. Maybe Amnesty will get a little cash boost from some extra donations.

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Bush got bullied enough. Stop bothering him just because he's an easy target.

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As if Canada is going to arrest W Bush . What a bunch of slap-nuts those amnesty people are.

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Amnesty International has a great sympathy over OBL, Saddam! They knows the true definition of 'liberty-isms'!

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well, it would be a start, but, then again, they had to call it for a few dozen more of world leaders. I don't really think that some do without other knowing....

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Given the human rights situation in places like Iran, China, and Pakistan, to call for the arrest of Bush?

Interesting assessment. Perhaps given the state of things in Mexico, we should leave American criminals alone?

Everyone, its a simple question: Is Bush a criminal or not? That is the only question you need to answer. If you go on about anything else whether its comparisons, politics or the actual likelihood of arrest, then truth and justice are just very important to you.

Yeah, Gitmo might still be open, but waterboarding was banned by Obama back in 2009. Why? Because its a damned crime. When the Khmer's did it, you called it torture. When the Kempetai and the Gestapo did it, you called it torture. When Americans did it during the Spanish American war, it was called torture, and a general, yes, a general, was dismissed for it by President Teddy Roosevelt himself, and Americans were appalled by American use of this torture. But now all the sudden its not torture. Its just an information gathering tactic. My, my, how far America has slipped. And people point fingers at Amnesty International for laying shame where shame is due?

Just ask yourself the one and only question that matters; Is George Bush a criminal or no? I say he is. He is a criminal and an enemy of America and all her principles. He should have been arrested while still in office. But that would be justice, and justice comes second if that high these days.

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I ask Amnesty about all of the other countries? How about calling for the arrest of Putin, who has destroyed civil rights in Russia?

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The Bush legacy can be debated and discussed. However, Amnesty's grandstanding and political posturing is beyond doubt. They collected a 1000 page dossier on Bush. Do they have similar dossiers on OTHER world leaders? Or only on the ones they disagree with.

It costs AI credibility to pull this kind of stunt while ignoring far more egregious crimes.

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Do they have similar dossiers on OTHER world leaders?

One would think you would answer that question before dissing Amnesty International, rather than after.

Sticking your neck out like that is great way to get decapitated.

Amnesty has criticized Putin, Ahmadinejad, and Kim Jong too.

The question is, what do you think they did worthy of arrest? In Bush's case, its clear. Bush violated the U.N. convention against torture, of which the U.S. is a signatory. If have something that clear on any other leader and Amnesty overlooked it, then spell it out for us before the sword reaches your neck. Or, remain silent and enjoy the follow through.

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Notthesame, Putin has done much worse but Amnesty has not called upon his arrest. Second Ex President Bush has Secret Service Guards, I doubt they will allow the royal Canadian Mounted police to arrest him. Just the act of trying to arrest him would destroy relations between Canada and the USA.

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All you people keep saying "well what about ____(fill in the blank) country? Why doesn't Amnesty International whine whine whine etc.?

Did it ever occur to you people that maybe they have asked for foreign countries to look into human rights abuses in China and into Putin.

They did that AND they had time to ask Canada to bring bush to justice.

WOW. It's like some of you have never had an original thought of your own.


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Putin has done much worse

Would you be specific please? Bush's crime is clearly laid out. Plus, Bush started two wars, and while that may have inspired the arrest request, its not the charge. But that is common. Has Putin started two wars? Has he done worse? Good luck with that.

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Just the act of trying to arrest him would destroy relations between Canada and the USA.

Just as I said, to some people politics is more important than justice. By that equation, prisoners should be set free if they ever did anything useful, regardless of the severity of their crime.

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Bravo for your eloquent defense of what is fundamentally right.

We've seen how a president can surround himself with lawyers who'll tell him torture is legally OK, so as to provide him with ostensible cover. If anything was "cherry-picking" Bush's choice of legal advisers certainly was.

If the American president had a sense of honor, he would come out and admit that torture is wrong, that anyone who gives the OK to torture should be held accountable, but that it might be necessary under some unique circumstances. But if it is, the person OK-ing it still has to be held accountable. Otherwise the entire moral and legal framework suffers grave and possibly irreparable harm.

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It would be awesome if they did, and correct to do so, but of course they will not given how badly it would foul up relations.

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