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Amnesty regrets 'distress' caused by report rebuking Ukraine


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key word here.....

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"we apologize that some people chose to disagree with our reportage"

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"We must be very clear: Nothing we documented Ukrainian forces doing in any way justifies Russian violations. And please don’t put us in a cell next to Julian Assange.”

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Amnesty has sadly before a far-left wing organization, and seemingly now influenced by Russians. The news item they released will now forever be used by the Russians to justify their own actions.

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Here are the reported facts: Amnesty investigated claims that Ukrainian forces were using schools, hospitals and other civilian infrastructure to launch attacks. Amnesty investigated 28 such sites, and found that in 22 cases that the Ukrainian military had been doing this, and had not been making any attempt to evacuate civilians. Amnesty characterized this as violations of humanitarian law and war crimes.

Ukraine reacted with fury, accusing Amnesty of terrorism. Zelensky stated “If someone makes a report that puts the aggressor and the victim on the same level, this cannot be tolerated,” adding that “anyone who doubts this is an accomplice of Russia – a terrorist country – and a terrorist themselves and a participant in the killings.”

It's not surprising then that Ms. Pokalchuk, who wishes to live, has resigned and repudiated the report.


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Amnesty International's credibility was shredded in 1991 when they reported that Iraqi soldiers invading Kuwait had torn babies from their incubators in a hospital and left them to die on the floor. The fake "incubator babies" story was broadcast around the world, gaining widespread support for the invasion of Kuwait and Iraq. There were many reports that a grateful Kuwait gave Amnesty $500,000 for their help after the Iraqis were forced out.

The people criticizing AI now are clearly angry that it has suddenly departed from its role as western propaganda tool.

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"Amnesty International deeply regrets the distress and anger that our press release on the Ukrainian military's fighting tactics has caused," it said in an email to Reuters.

why do they regret publishing the TRUTH?

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why do they regret publishing the TRUTH?

Nowhere does is say that they regret publishing. They regret "the distress and anger" it caused. It's a non-apology that's actually vacuous but sounds good if you're not paying attention. They're not sorry for what they said or saying it's in any way untrue. It's just placating.

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why cant they just respond and tell the whiners to stop whining, as what they published is confirmably true?

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