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Amnesty warns of crimes against humanity in Philippines


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About time the World woke up to Duterte. He is power hungry and a murder of some Innocent people because of the way his orders are carried out.. The courts in geneva should charge him with crimes to humanity.

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Are the Philippines a failed state at this point? Something like an overpopulated tropical Balkans or neo-Libya wearing a democracy disguise? I'm not a fan of colonialization by any means, but considering the never ending rogues gallery of leaders since independence, they might have fared much better by remaining a part of the US.

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Is anyone actually surprised by this? People said from the start this is what would happen, and with the thug Duterte himself braging about how he's thrown people from helicopters and rode around his town as mayor and killed people, why on earth are there still nations like Japan giving him money to fuel his insanity?

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Rubbish! You don't have any idea how it is to live in the Philippines being afraid of your own shadow. Duterte is cleaning up society and have made Philippines a better and safer place. Those who died are not necessarily innocent and saints. We cannot deny that there are rotten police officers and they also need to be dealt with. Overall, Duterte is doing an excellent job. If you don't believe, go and live there.

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Fourice: "Those who died are not necessarily innocent and saints."

But many have been innocent. What about them? called drug dealers so people who don't like can just murder them? supported by the piece of trash Duterte who is no better -- and in fact much worse? He is a dictator, and that's all there is to it.

" If you don't believe, go and live there."

Yeah, that makes a lot of sense! "If you think it's dangerous and might be killed for no reason in an extra-judicial killing by a dictator, go live there!"

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@Fourlce History has taught you nothing. As an example, look up "Salem witch trials". Then look at what's happening in the Philippines. Without a legitimate trial to prove the innocence or guilt of a person, anyone can accuse anyone else they don't like of being a drug abuser/seller.

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