Australia's climate policies don't match its big talk at COP27

By Praveen Menon

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Big surprise from the hypocritical Australian government.

On a related story, the elites who claim to be so much for protecting the climate use private jets and limousines to travel around in.

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Albanese's climate change minister, Chris Bowen, telling the conference Australia was a "willing climate collaborator", made a pitch to host COP31 in 2026 along with the Pacific island nations.

A collaborator in the same mode as Quisling, selling out his country's energy security for some perceived but hollow moral purity. The best thing about it is, from Bowen's perspective anyway, that he won't be accountable for any of the damage he and his cronies do. Even if they're booted out of office by a betrayed electorate, he'll keep on feeding from the public trough via his pension.

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We are slaves.

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Australia refuses nuclear, which is the cleanest energy.

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Australia's climate policies don't match its big talk at COP27

I love how the corporate MSM are trying to make COP27 a thing when average folks are worried about taxes, inflation, staying warm this winter and feeding their families healthy food and MEAT.

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A sore point for many Australians that neither of the two main political parties is about to stop LNG or Coal because of two reasons. The tax income and jobs. It has no idea how to create new industries based on renewable energy, and with all that coastline and sunshine it has a huge natural advantage for renewables if it only opens its eyes and takes the punt to develop them. Most Aussies want to see an end to coal fired power plants, and to LNG power plants. The successive governments have failed miserably and it is a huge embarrassment.

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More like Hypocritical environmentalists.

One factor that these groups haven't considered, is that the Earth has once again changed its orbit around the Sun ... very slightly,

and look a the change in the Magnetic North Pole too. ... (though evidence todate doesn't show any significant impact to live... not that we have any records other than fossils, to show that...)'s%20magnetic,(55%20kilometers)%20per%20year.

Sure, there is no denying that being more environmentally conscientious is a great thing, and I am all for that, but, the eco terrorist mob - such as the "Just Stop Oil" campaigners should all be flung in jail, along with their leadership.

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Australia's biggest contribution to the climate crisis is its export of fossil fuels. It is the world’s third-largest fossil fuel exporter, trailing only Russia and Saudi Arabia - the top exporter of coking coal, used to make steel; second-largest exporter of thermal coal, used in coal-fired power stations; and the largest exporter of liquefied gas.

So, Australia is exporting coal to other Countries... how does that make Australia the biggest polluter ? Look at China and those other so called "developing" Counties as the problem. I bet, these new COP funds will simply end up in the pockets of those in Power there, and not benefits those who may need it to rebuild, or relocate...

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