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Angelina Jolie urges world to end rape in war


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But isn't wartime rape supposed to be absolutely necessary in order to allow the brave soldiers some much needed rest? Not to mention helping to keep crime levels down?

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It would also be nice if we ended killing or even the wars themselves.

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Sorry Angelina, but the only way to end wartime rape is to prevent the war in the first place. This isn't the same as banning landmines or torture. As ugly as it is, that's the reality.

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She told the Security Council that “hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of women, children and men have been raped in conflicts in our lifetimes.”

Not to mention those killed, maimed, starved, gassed, tortured, etc. Yes, rape is bad anytime not just during wartime. Angelina Jolie is a decent person with a keen sense for the obvious.

“You set the bar,” she told the council. “If the ... council sets rape and sexual violence in conflict as a priority it will become one and progress will be made. If you do not, this horror will continue.”

Yes, the UN set the bar pretty high by itself participating in rape and other sexual crimes by it's "peace keepers" in countries such as the Congo, Liberia, Bosnia, and Haiti among other places.

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When you commit these types of heinous crimes -and align yourself with evil- there is a huge spiritual price to pay.


During my first deployment, I was made to participate in things, the enormity of which is hard to describe. War crimes, crimes against humanity. Though I did not participate willingly, and made what I thought was my best effort to stop these events, there are some things that a person simply can not come back from. I take some pride in that, actually, as to move on in life after being part of such a thing would be the mark of a sociopath in my mind. These things go far beyond what most are even aware of.

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" It would also be nice if we ended killing or even the wars themselves."

End wars, end empirical actions.

Rape, without a doubt, is heinous. Yet, it happens in peaceful nations as well.

End aggression.

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In the dark and middle ages, rape was surely one of the few 'joys' of any campaign, if you faced death every day. Never having fought in a war I cannot judge, but is it actually possible to remove rape from the battlefield? Surely the front lines are one place for rapists to go and get their rocks off, yes/no? Perhaps it is up to the character of the local field commanders to control what does and doesn't happen under their command.

Realistic or not, someone needs to say it, and I guess Angelina Jolie is as good a person to say it as any.

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What seems crystal clear to me is that rape is a crime, period, and it appalls me that there are those who condone it under the guise of war, armed conflict or historical precedent, even citing the 'need' for it. Do people who talk about the ugliness of rape think about the act in relation to their own wives, daughters, family? Those found guilty at war trials, or even during wars, are guilty of committing war crimes and should be severely punished. Committing these vile acts 'in the face of death' can never be an excuse to destroy a woman's (usually) life. I admire Jolie for her efforts.

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Last I checked rape was heinous whether it's during a war or not. We still have sex slave traders even in this day and age. Some countries refuse to do anything about rape period, and some even worse ones (I'm pretty sure everyone figured out which ones) will penalize the woman who has been raped with the "crime" of adultry.

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