Anger erupts in Turkey after mine blast claims 274 lives; 120 still trapped


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The country erupting must surely be a sign of some deeper malaise. surely an industrial accident isn't material for a revolution.

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"The country erupting must surely be a sign of some deeper malaise"

Yes, exactly the case. Long story short, government has been giving out coal free to buy votes from poor communities. This mine is where that free coal has been coming from. Even though the mine is operated by private firm, they have been getting away with less than ideal conditions for miners, just because they were providing gov with cheap to free coal, for them to buy votes with. With this information in light, Turks are furious that government allowed this tragedy and deaths are on their hands. Hate for the ruling party is growing every day. I hope my fellow countrymen will see the real face of their leaders and oust them before something like this happens again. So I prey.

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