Another case of coronavirus confirmed in Northern California


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And what else will Gov. Newson do to keep it from spreading all over California, besides fixing the blame on Trump for "not doing enough".

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 “We wipe the shopping carts if they have them, and when I get back in the car I wipe my hands — and just hope for the best.”

I hope he's not touching his face with his hands until he washed them real good with soap and water.

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People dont get it from thin air. The two women clearly had contact or some opportunity to get it from someone. Someone is not being honest or was not aware. It is likely 50 percent of people will lie about thier history and their health to prevent from being forced into treatment. I suspect this one fact alone will guarantee that it will spread widely beyond control if it has not aleady. Our modern culture is so used to being able to go where it wants when it wants with no limits that it is inevitiable.

A good vacine will be the only hope but that will take time. Realistically life as we know it is over ....whether people want to accept it or not. We just need to wait for the events to unfold.

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Only stupid, thick people could turn a serious outbreak into political slanging. I guess that's US politics for you, Democrat or Republican, it's the people who suffer whilst the politicians and their shills point fingers.

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And what else will Gov. Newson do to keep it from spreading all over California, besides fixing the blame on Trump for "not doing enough".

It's not only what he does do, but what he doesn't do, that will mark him out as handling the situation far more competently than Trump.

Here are things he should not do, but which Trump has already done (and wait till he starts to get scared - that's going to be pretty):

Appointed a batsh1t-crazy evangelical to head the response to the epidemic (and soon to be pandemic). A man with no medical qualifications, hostility to science (and thereby, to fact), and an already proven sh1tty track record on public health thanks to his own freakish beliefs.

Tell lies about the situation, and treat the public to a deluge of hogwash.

Confuse an Ebola vaccine, in the works for years, with a new vaccine against a new and completely unrelated disease.

Prevent people with far greater medical expertise than himself from saying things that are true.

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Same general area as the AF base in Solano County. Two big mistakes w/r/t the evacuation of cruise ship US citizens to this location: (1) State (Pompeo) overruled CDC and put +patients on the same plane as negative patients; (2) as reported by HHS whistleblower, HHS personnel were not properly trained or protected, next to CDC trained personnel in full gear, and after contact with returning patients were sent home by commercial routes including planes. Great plan, Trump political appointees! Now it's loose, thanks to your bad decisions.

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