Another man arrested in probe of Giuliani associates


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Rudy is corrupt to the core, just like his boss Dimwit Donny. Only imbecilic morons support these people.

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Trump really does surround himself with the Who's Who of corruption.

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Giuliani has said he had no knowledge of illegal donations and hadn't seen any evidence that Parnas and Fruman did anything wrong.

Rudy's got zero credibility; an ideal fit for the Trump thugocracy. All Rudy's PR efforts to have him portrayed as a stand up leader fighting the good fights have been undone through his associations with the Trump syndicate. A difference between Rudy and his Don is Rudy was once thought to be a good guy, whereas Trump never was. Trump: corrupt businessman, corrupt politician.

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A Florida man wanted in a campaign finance case involving associates of Rudy Giuliani is in federal custody after flying Wednesday to Kennedy Airport in New York City to turn himself in, federal authorities said.

David Correia was named in an indictment with two Giuliani associates and another man who were all arrested last week on charges they made illegal contributions to politicians and a political action committee supporting President Donald Trump. Giuliani, a former New York City mayor, is Trump's personal lawyer.

Mr "Walking Hand Grenade" Rudy and his band of pro-Russian cohorts - they make the Three Stooges look like MENSA members....

Rudy is doing his best to walk Donnie right over the cliff...

Go Rudy!

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Just wondering how long it's going to take before it's from:

Trump: "Rudy, yeah, he's my guy, he's my attorney, great guy!"


Trump: "Rudy-who?! Never heard of him."

Think about it, Rudy Giuliani started his career as the tough law guy who butted heads with the Cosa Nostra in NYC to being in bed with and making criminal deals with Russian mobsters. From angel to villain.

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Oh my not long now and Trumpy will be throwing Rudy under that bus....where are all the little Trumplet parrots now....

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Crazy Rudy is going to gaol.

The meltdown is only just beginning...

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And once again the Democrats try to distort the facts on Giuliani and another failed attempt will be upon us shortly, stay tuned....

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And once again the Democrats try to distort the facts on Giuliani and another failed attempt will be upon us shortly, stay tuned....

Yeah! Damn the Dems for forcing Repugnant Rudy to partner up with criminals!

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