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Anti-coup protesters defy Myanmar junta's campaign of fear


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They earn $2 a day and she got $600,000 in 5 minutes.

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When I first saw the picture I thought this story was going to be about the siege of the Portland Federal courthouse. The similarities are eerie.

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Corrupt Myanmar Military General earned 5 millions per minute for selling jades, LPG and teaks. Even that news is true, that sum is still a drop of ocean comparing with Military stealing the public property and cash.

Junta can also occupy any public and private land under military rule. Myanmar is wild west ruled by bullets. Lawless and blood thirsty warlords are killing unarmed civilians.

Not all Myanmar protesters are impoverished. Some are sons and daughters of well established merchants and business man. The fallen hero from that video was well off and comfortable.


They prefer to die rather being slaves of oppressive military junta forever. Myanmar has been ruled by military from 1962 to 2014. Almost 60yrs now. 2021 has gone back to 1962 again.

If Military is so good for Myanmar, no one will risk their lives for being shot on the roads. Better late than never.

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The people got a taste of freedom for 6 years. THAT will make this harder for the dictatorship to regain control. If they had never experienced it, the dictators' task would be much easier.

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Corrupt Myanmar Military General earned 5 millions per minute for selling jades, LPG and teaks.

I’m not supporting the junta. I worked for an NGO related to democracy for Burma. Just, I feel betrayed by the massacre of innocent Muslims.

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No mercy for the murderous military of Myanmar!

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