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Anti-drugs group slams Australian's parole in Indonesia


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So... 10 years in a Bali jail, and Ms. Corby is free and potentially millions of dollars richer (according to other reports that she'll get a book deal and movie rights). Sounds like her marijuana haul paid off with interest.

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There government might be better off looking at hard evidence which shows that punitive long term prison sentences doesn't deter drug users. They would be wiser spending their money and educating their people about the dangers of drugs and on rehabilitating those who have become addicts through drug use, instead of applying laws which enforce vigilante type justice system and violate human rights with devastating consequences.

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You must be joking magnet. 26 to 36 are prime years of life, and hers are gone with the wind. I would not have traded 10 years of life for millions of dollars. And if forced to do so I would feel cheated.

And BTW anti-drugs group, if you guys don't like drugs, fine, don't do any. Now go get a life.

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If she really had drugs she should HANG!!!! Now Mexico and Colombia no where to make more and more $$$, from the millions of junkies in Australia, the new frontier! Indonesia should be ashamed and should have made a good example of this Aussie wench!

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At a time when even the land of the drug war is legalizing Mary Jane, its hard to believe someone would scream for a hanging over it. I think I could have got a more civilized opinion out of a troglodyte.

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Magnet 10 years in Bali jail would be worse than 20 in an Australian one. She has not got off lightly and is still on parole. I dont see her making millions somehow.

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Elbuda thats a bit extreme and rude...

The journos may be looking to pay her big bucks for her story but if the federal government had its way she may not pocket a cent under our proceeds of crime laws. They are mainly for domestic offences but may also be applied for foreign crimes.

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@elbuda It's just weed!! You seriously need a reality check!! Where I come from its legal and to be quite honest I rather enjoy it!! The war on drugs is a complete failure and a total waste of time.. Not to mention weed is no more of a drug than alcohol is..

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I believes she is innocence!

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He said that five million Indonesians had become drug users or addicts “as a result of drug crimes like those committed by Corby”.

really? i suppose those 5 million or so addicts and users have no concept of personal responsibility......

blaming a surfer who smuggled some personal use for an entire nation's drug problem just shows how ignorant prohibitionists can be...

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HB714, I hear where you're coming from, and to be honest, I 100% agree with you about weed. That said, countries have their own laws, and whether or not we agree with them, as visitors or as residents, we are supposed to respect and obey those laws, or be prepared to face the consequences. In Corby's case, she got off very very lightly, considering the usual punishment for drug smuggling in Indonesia is death.

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