Anti-EU populist Farage eyeing UK politics return... maybe


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More panto, than politician, a skilled debater all the same.

Does Nigel Farage change minds?,

Outside of causing political palpitations in Brussels, haranguing the parliamentary establishment so called "Remainers", Farage has been unable to turn his brand of populism into a UK constituency set in the commons.

Not through want of trying either.

Is Farage in reality, a single-issue, lacking political expression, a diverse across the board policy appeal?

The rather shallow hollow world of celebrity TV might propel him to a more mainstream audience.

I doubt running around the "jungle" chomping on a diet of creepy crawlies will compel the public to vote him into office.

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This bumbling fool is the one of the main reasons why the UK is struggling so much now. Dog forbid any party who gives him a platform.

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The Brexit moron won’t get a second bite of the apple. If given the chance, the overwhelming majority of UK citizens would rejoin the EU.

This idiot has no chance of pulling the woll over the public’s collective eyes again with his vile lies.

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Go Nigel!

Farage is a maverick. Politicians and Eurocrats loathe the man. We were all told Brexit would and could not happen.

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The worship at the altar of Brussels crowd cannot accept that Brexit has proved to be successful.

Farage led the way then and he can do it again.

The re-joiners won't say out loud what they advocate: the surrender of sovereignty.

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Farage leading the Reform Party will simply split the Conservative vote in every seat they contest - due to the first-past-the-post system - and hand an easy and big victory to Labour.

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