Anti-Murdoch petition wins record support in Australia

By Jewel SAMAD

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Looking more and more like Davros, leader of the Daleks on Doctor Who, every day.

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I'm no fan of this Mr Burns of media any more than the next punter, but his outlets did endorse Rudd for the 2007 election. So naturally Rudd was quite comfortable with this arrangement until the outlets turned on him. So it's hard for me to takes sides with either of them.

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And of course the biggest irony is, he isn't even an Australian anymore. Left the country, took on US citizenship in 1985, and yet still continues to dominate mainstream media in Australia with a virtual monopoly on news outlets in four out of the six States and in the Northern Territory.

A hugely negative influence in Australian media which has to be overcome or at least accommodated by any government which comes to power, especially a left-of-centre one. Time to bring down this undemocratic behemoth.

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Exterminate, exterminate !!

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Mergers and acquisitions across multiple important consumer markets have greatly reduced competition and allowed many very large companies to behave like monopolists, reducing choices and raising prices. The right rants about "socialism" which by and large doesn't exist in the democratic nations of the world, but is blind to the real and immediate economic threat of too few firms and the resulting lack of effective competition that allows companies like Pepsico, Miller Coors and Unilever to dominate big consumer markets. Not to mention big tech firms, or how UPS and FedEx dominate package delivery and use their market power and the high cost of entry to that industry (big UPS or FedEx distribution hubs, the trucks, the aircraft and all the technology to track packages across the globe isn't cheap) to keep competitors at bay. The same is true to a degree in the US media market. Murdoch's hold on Australian media outlets is just one facet of a global problem of how capitalism is being distorted by oligopoly and monopoly. Adam Smith and David Ricardo both warned us of this btw. We just didn't listen.

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Well said Desert Tortoise.

Bill Clinton said that the worst decision that he made while in office was yielding to the incessant political pressure put on him from republicans to allow consolidation of media. The result has been, by design, the reduction of different opinions in the media: print, radio and television. Murdoch and his FOX News has done immeasurable damage to the political discourse in the United States by essentially being a very strong and influential propaganda arm of the Right Wing. His influence has methodically gotten a certain segment of the US population, many very normal patriotic citizens, to regularly vote against their own best interests while encouraging these citizens to assertively hate others that have a different point of view. It is a very sad reality that our nation has had to endure.

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Murdoch and his FOX News has done immeasurable damage to the political discourse in the United States by essentially being a very strong and influential propaganda arm of the Right Wing.

I'd argue so far as to say that Fox news, with it's lack of dedication to ethics in reporting, instead focusing on rhetoric to drive up viewership, is directly attributable to the downfall in America. When the civil war started for the end of November gets under way, remember that it can very accurately be called the fault of Fox News.

Even now they're pushing this ridiculous Hunter Biden story that they got sucked into by the Russians and Giuliani, as if it's a valid story. They're riling the base up into a frenzy. It's socially irresponsible.

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Mr. Murdoch probably has a little statue of William Randolph Hurst he worships at. Birds of a feather really.

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They banned Fox News in the UK, for spreading false stories

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