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Anti-racism protesters, nationalists clash in Australia


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Reclaim Australia from what - intolerance and racism??

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People in a true democracy have the right to assemble to criticize things like Sharia, which is, let's face it, based on primitive and intolerant superstition, as well as all religions, since these are ideologies, and not based on biology or origin. Also fair game for criticism are government policies, including, yes, ones to promote "diversity."

On the other hand, violence and bullying people who are different are unacceptable.

Increasingly, however, Australia and other governments dont see this line. They are softening their stance on freedom of expression, and selectively removing items from the debate in the interest of trying to make everyone happy, including those who themselves are lumbered with an intolerant creed. This is what I find worrying.

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Considering that the Victoria government would have loved to announce that the supposedly racist demonstrators had resorted to violence, I'm led to believe that the agitators came from the 'anti-racist' side.

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Where did these nationalists come from? Are they Aborigines telling the white convicts to return to mother England?

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This proves my point-Europeans have no business in Australia- whites killed most of the native populations in australia and to this day treat them horribly(understated). wherever white Europeans go to settle! racism, violence and inequality follows. what was it that china said- Australia was nothing more than European mongrels running amok!!!!!

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Winners of "wars" get to rewrite history and say what is what. Losers of war have to quietly accept it.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to war. Nearly every religion or nationality has done something considered to be 'wrong'.

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No to racism. No to homophobia. No to sexism. No to sharia.

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Wow, idiots once again confusing a religious ideology and ethnicity as one and the same. Lets CLARIFY for the umpteenth billionth time for these idiots. Islam is not particular to any single ethnicity. It is a RELIGION that follows specific ideals. People can protest religious ideals all they want.

Most of those ideals came from a very aggressive and violent founder that encouraged oppression and subjugation of others that did not follow his beliefs. No matter what anybody says, the Qur'an (and hadiths) state in very clear surah's the relationship between Islam and those that do not believe in Islam.

ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Qaida, and quite a drastic number of Islamist terror groups would not exist today if they didn't have anything to go on as far as an actual foundation. Plus why is it that seemingly "random" muslims across the globe are rushing off to Syria to fight with ISIS, or decide to import terrorism abroad thanks to ?

There is a difference between a small localized cult, and this extremely waving the same banner. Islamophobia wouldn't exist without a reason.

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