IMF head urges China to end mass lockdowns


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A low rate of vaccinations among the elderly is a major reason Beijing has resorted to lockdowns

The Chinese CCP will of course try to blame everything on the unvaccinated.

There are around 150 million unvaccinated people in China and they won't budge.

Booster uptake currently stands at about 56%, meaning there are hundreds of millions of people who have since decided to start defying government Covid protocols.

The Chinese authorities can not arrest such vast numbers of resistors.

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The Chinese CCP will of course try to blame everything on the unvaccinated

Since that would be the same as recognizing their failure to vaccinate the population even when safe and effective vaccines are readily available around the world it is not likely at all.

The Chinese authorities can not arrest such vast numbers of resistors.

The Chinese authorities are counting on them to justify the lockdowns, so why would they arrest precisely the people that give them the excuse to be retrograde? The government is more interested in controlling the population than in protecting them, so having low vaccination numbers is a win/win situation for them.

It is time for China to move away from massive lockdowns and toward a more targeted approach to COVID-19, the head of the International Monetary Fund said days after widespread protests broke out

The CCP has ignored global public health authorities and international experts that disqualify the zero covid policy, the IMF telling them to do the same is not going to have any importance either.

Unless something else comes that gives the CCP a new excuse to force the public into compliance the zero covid policy is not going to be abandoned, it is too good of a tool.

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Backasswards. What can ya say?

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Funny, they didn’t say this about UK, Australia or NZ.

New studies show by the NHK in England, reveal that one in four young people suffer severe emotional and behavioral problems due to COVID-19 lockdowns and the effects on increased poverty.

pure China bashing.

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China's economic stats are all lies. The world knows this and the head of the Chinese Finance admitted it.

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IMF head urges China to end mass lockdowns


But the IMF head is not a global health expert.

It's like listening to someone posting here arguing against the lockdowns. Just opinion.

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They are not lockdowns. They are prison-like lockin. How many millions of Chinese have died?

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The IMF should have better things to do.

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You think Xi is going to listen / cowrie to the IMF ? He probably owns the IMF, just like he owns the WHO.

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As for vaccinating the Elderly - why ? What is the reason for doing so - keeping the Hospitals unclogged with COVID Sick people ? Most of the Chinese Elderly folks I know are very distrustful of the CCP and rightly so - they're also rather more healthy than their Western counterparts..... Perhaps the real reason behind this is euthanasia by the backdoor - after all, we have too many old people, and too few younger people of working age to support them through the antiquated Pension system. Solution - get rid of the old people, or get rid of the Pension system.

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The IMF should have better things to do.

China's Covid-19 policies, the lockdowns, industrial and port shut downs have caused global economic disruptions. They are highly destructive not just to the economy of China but that of every nation that depends on trade. When ocean line shipping schedules are turned upside down by delays and closures at Chinese ports everyone suffers. It is well within the brief of the IMF to address these matters.

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