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APEC over, Taiwan reports renewed Chinese military activity


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One more example that brings doubt that Xi has full control over China's rogue military...

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Thar was very normal. The Americans and her vassal militaries in Pacific were doing the same as well. You know the military maneuvers between China, US & Russia is a kind of communication in actions. It is essential to make sure the other side understood what that means!

-6 ( +1 / -7 )

Some neighbors just don't lije the others, NATO members like Turkey and Greek doing military maneuvers at each other over the seas between them, they have historic reasons for such behavior. Don't blame everything on China, the Chinese has their views over her neighbors and the history reasons.

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One more example that brings doubt that Xi has full control over China's rogue military...

Nope. This is dictator for life Xi, doing what Xi does.

Showing APEC - and the whole region - he doesn't care one bit about peace.

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I actually think if there excerpts were an invasion it’d be the PLA and not Xi. That said I don’t think there ever will be war over reunification.

Money is the weapon. It’s economic leverage. The military exercises are only for show for the Western allies. Orherwuse known as what you all describe as all bark and no bite or a paper Tiger. It’s just a deterrent. China U.S. not going to bomb their own.

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Nobody is planning to attack China. What makes the CCP so afraid? It isn't like Japan, Taiwan or the USA would attack the mainland.

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If they aren't afraid, why the massive military build up and hassling neighbors all the time?

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