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Appeals court rejects Trump effort to block Pence testimony


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Too frigging right!

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The appeal was decided by Judge Gregory Katsas, a Trump appointee, and judges Patricia Millett and Gregory Wilkins, both appointees of former President Barack Obama. 

Oh. Ok.

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Another loss...Trump can't buy a win, though I'm sure he would try....

So Mikey has to go under oath and tell all about how Crazy Rudy, Sidney Powell, and John Eastman were going to use fake, uncertified electors to try to stage a coup...

Bring it on Mikey!

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So Mikey has to go under oath and tell all about how Crazy Rudy, Sidney Powell, and John Eastman were going to use fake, uncertified electors to try to stage a coup...

Don't forget Ted Cruz! Jack Smith hasn't.

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though he did side with the former vice president’s constitutional claims that he could not be forced to answer questions about anything related to his role as presiding over the Senate’s certification of votes on Jan. 6.

which is the entire reason they wanted Pence to testify.

So he wont be talking about that.

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Trump throws him under the bus and does nothing to stop him from being murdered and then tries to shut him up. Who needs enemies when you have friends like that?

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Trump pleaded with Pence to break the law and then called him a traitor when he wouldn't.

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Trump is always about Trump.

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And ONLY questions related to his role as the presiding officer over the certification process. On all other questions, he has to give testimony under oath.

The exception does NOT cover

Discussions about fake electors

Discussions with the President about not certifiying the election

Attempts by the former POTUS to pressure him.

Anything other than when he was presiding over the certification process in the Senate.

So, he WILL be talking rather a lot about critical subjects.

This was a fig leaf asked for and given to give him some semblance of deniability. And that is ALL that it is.

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Preventing the handover of power is breaking the law.

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All this focus on Trump right now coming from all sides. despite this being a "sealed" order again, the media knows exactly what is in it.

all this Trump stuff could make one think Trump might be ahead in the polls and/or that Republicans passed a debt ceiling bill.

Nah, cant be.

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The Courts think your argument is bunk as evidenced by their decision. That claim has been laughed out of court at every level.

The new law was designed so that nobody could so willfully and pathetically misinterpret what was patently obvious.

And it was passed with bi-partisan support.

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This will illuminate just how undemocratic the Trump regime was. It came close to losing democracy under Trump, who figured rules are only for the other guy, he can do whatever he likes. Trump was never suited to be president of the US, he remains unqualified and still not suitable to become president in 2024.

Pence will testify and it will be damning of Trump. But the loyal and blind Trump followers will neither believe the testimony, nor believe their "dear leader" (Trump) can do any wrong, even when proven beyond any reasonable doubt.

Trump is plain and simple an autocrat by nature, and thus never going to be right as a leader except in Russia or China or North Korea. The only problem is those nations already have their "leader for life".

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Trump is lagging in one recent poll. Down to 28%.

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For an unprincipled man like Trump, the ends justify the means so perhaps we can use his stunted morality against him. He would surely concur that, if were locked up by any means at all, fair or foul, it would be justifiable. He'd just be a loser (again). He is not willing to play by any game that is not rigged in his favour, is a proven danger to democracy so he needs to be eliminated by any means. His supporters can cry foul but for Trump it was always the law of the jungle anyway.

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Delay, block, deny, rinse, repeat.

But always the same result; lose, whine, lose, whine.

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Good. trump was not such a good friend to Mr. Pence when that little fly landed on his white head during his speech.

trump is going to have a very long fall.

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The ridiculous cost in money, time, and mental health that Trump has inflicted on the US in the past 6 or so years is incalculable. And it's still going on! Justice may take time in the US, but it comes eventually.

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despite this being a "sealed" order again, the media knows exactly what is in it.

The decision was unanimous, as the court docket sheet shows, rejecting Trumps appeal, yes even the judge he appointed, 3-0, got to include all the information not cherry pick what you want

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heres a break down of the ruling and no the media only know the ruling not whats in the decision.


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I think Trump seriously wants Pence being assaulted or murdered by his fanatics on or after 6th January 2021. For Trump, cowards has no place in his mind,he hates Pence rebellion over him!

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