Area of Malaysia plane search now size of Australia


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Note China's recent statement that it is going to search its west and southern regions along the 'arc' to see if the plane could have landed there. They then turned attention away from that region by providing fake pictures supposedly in the South China Sea. If they do happen to 'find' the plane there, then I'd be inclined to think that the 'Chinese' employees of the American technology firm on board (the company that deals with high-tech radar related issues) took over the plane on behalf of their government, flew a radar avoiding path to China, where the secrets of the 777 are being extracted (the other passengers would be collateral damage of course, as they couldn't afford for their guilt to be exposed). Of course, China's own airlines could simply try to buy some of the jets from Boeing, but maybe there are US government export restrictions where this is concerned.

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Of course, China's own airlines could simply try to buy some of the jets from Boeing, but maybe there are US government export restrictions where this is concerned.

Nope. In fact, several Chinese airlines own and operate multiple 777s. You might want to revert to the alien abduction theory.

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The Malaysian government is probably covering up something. People in high places are concerned with either losing their jobs, or some sort of conflict, be it civil war or war with another country being a deterrent to passing along relevant information.That is what countries do. The US government does the same thing. Every excuse is bolstered by the so called threat to national security. Major corporations, worldwide do the same thing, cover their tracks to avoid law suits, bankruptcy and job loss. The average citizen of any country can see right through this spin. Furthermore in the US when this story broke, corporate media was already blaming the Muslim religion on this event. In my opinion the Christians are the ones to be wary of. I really sympathize with the families of the passengers and crew. We are all human, whatever our nationalities and need to show more compassion to one another in times of distress and as part of our daily routine.

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There is also another speculation/theory about questionable cargo on the plane and US navy seal. Anyway, the Malaysian government is pretty much shown all its worst to the world on how incompetent they are. By standard, if a plane disappear from radar for 30s, you have to report that and it took the Malaysian government 6 hours to do that? Talk about slow poke and inefficient. I say UFO abduction, Bermuda triangle or entered a vortex into another realm, blah, blah, blah.

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Seems like Malaysia and China are at odds with one another. Put Malaysia Airlines out of business. Sue the airline. Sue the Malaysian government. Petition to have the CEO of Malaysia Airlines imprisoned for murder and executed. I thought that CEO's of airlines in Asia were supposed to commit suicide if one of their planes and passengers went missing or crashed?

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What are you going on about there?

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