Arizona high school student accused of up to 18 sex attacks


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What a horrible deviant! Hope he does not see freedom for quite some time.

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Regardless of the emotional aspects, and whether he did or didn't do the deeds, the guy has only been arrested 'on suspicion of'.

Is it OK for the Sheriff to make point-blank statements like: “Tyler Kost was a predator who threatened, harassed, stalked and then either forcibly sexually abused or sexually assaulted his victims,” ...or is he merely stating the case against him?

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Law enforcement in USA as well as media should use the "innocent until proven guilty" belief. Being arrested "on suspicion of" is the norm. Held w/w bond suggests a strong case.

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Whst do you expect from a country that corporatises prisons, incarcerstes children in adult facilities and has a quarter of the worlds prisoners?Hope he gets a fair trial.

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Row Bur- I am not sure where you are going with your statement other than an anti US comment which is a fragment of the truth.

Corporate prisons are political favors.

Incarcerates children in adult facilities. Not the entire truth. Unless you consider a 17yo as a child when the next birthday they become an adult.

A quarter of the worlds prisoners. It is shameful to agree with you as a recent statistic suggests. Antiquated drug laws and motor vehicle laws account for many of those prisoners. Don't forget the illegal aliens in prison also.

The entitlement system we have here is a major contributor to the prison population.

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